Why only a few people get most of the reward? What is the famous 1% rule? In this article you will be getting answers to the above two questions. So let’s begin.

“Oh no! Not again. She again won the prize.”

“I also want to win.”

“Will I ever get the opportunity to hold that trophy in my hand? Where do I lack, am I such a big looser? Why do I always have to stand in the audience and clap for the very same so-called popular students? Am I anywhere inferior to them?”

“No, the teachers are very partial they always neglect me and only favour her. I am nowhere wrong.”

These were the words of a 5th-grade student who lost a competition in her school. The change in her emotions is clearly visible. She is angry, sad, jealous, losing her self-confidence and then just playing the blame game.

This is not just the story of this young girl but every other person who has never been a winner thinks the same way. There are very few, who take failure in a positive sense. But then the question still remains the same “Why do the same people get rewards all the time? Are the others really good for nothing?”

The answer to this is NO because everyone is born with some or the other talent. As Albert Einstein also said, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb rocks then it will end up becoming a looser.”


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The people who become constant winners are the ones who have discovered their real talents and have worked towards enhancing it.

“When you love your work, you put in the best of your abilities.”

In the complete process, the winners also face failures, but they choose never to give up. They constantly keep working unless the goal is achieved. They are positive thinkers, one negative thought can make them a complete disaster and they are are the ones who actually know What is the famous 1% rule.


1% rule

“People are rewarded in public for what they practice for years in private.”

It’s true that hard work is the key to success, but practice is the key to maintaining that success. A winner motivates himself to become better and then become the best.

The winners develop confidence in themselves. But if they become overconfident and stop practising then even they, would never be able to win again. Therefore, practice is the key to succeed and to know what is the famous 1% rule.


1% rule

There are many people who work together and are fighting for the same position, but there is only one winner, whose work talks for them.

For example, A mother gives birth to identical twins, and both of them have the same interests and resources. Both of them manage to secure ranks in a debate competition and after that one works more on the ability and the other gets overconfident considering that “He is perfect”.

True winners never have the feeling of being perfect and they always think that there is a scope for improvement.

The constant winners keep finding their mistakes and take criticism positively. They always take responsibility for their mistakes and understand that this would improve their abilities.

Everything that matters is the way a winner thinks. That makes them a constant winner and helps them stand out from others. They are also normal human beings like us, but they definitely work harder than the normal.

If they would also think like others, they would not be any different.

The ones who are different, and leave an impression of their work everywhere they go, are the constant winners. Rewards have different meanings for the winners. It not only includes trophies but also, every round of applause, recognition and appreciation is a reward for them.

It’s just that, you need to keep learning, working hard and being open to new things. And we are sure the success will be yours. So, I hope that this article helped you in understanding about What is the famous 1% rule.

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