10 Amazing Benefits Of Cuddling


People often underestimate the importance of intimacy among two individuals. Be in hugging, cuddling or even holding hands. Unknown to us, these actions have scientific benefits that often stimulate our hormones making us feel better and relaxed. Studies have highlighted the benefits of cuddling. Ranging from a variety of health problems and mood disorders, it not only helps us feel relaxed but also establishes a bond with the person you choose to cuddle with.

Here are 10 scientific benefits for cuddling!

1. Say cheese!

A still of saying cheese and smiling

Hormones are quite cruel a lot of times. It can make you feel moody, angry and irritated. It also is one of the root causes of acne and many other problems. But hormones are not always the bad guys. They tend to make you feel too. At least that is one of the main features of the hormone Oxytocin. This hormone helps you establish personal bonds with other people and also helps you feel relaxed and cheerful. Studies have shown the circulation of this hormone increases when cuddling. This may explain as to why cuddling instantly makes you feel better.

2. Wins fights against the germs

cuddling wins fights against germs

Cuddling helps you boost your immune system and help your body protect itself from harmful germs. It gives your body both the mental, the physical and physiological strength required.

3. Eases out pain

cuddling eases out pain

After a long tiring day of sitting on your laptop or frequent movement, a hug always helps you feel better. This is because cuddling not only helps you feel better through hormonal release but also contributes to relieve pain. Be it neck pains, leg cramps, cuddling contributes to reducing it and put your body in relax mode. Thus, benefits of cuddling also includes reducing body pain.

4. Reduces Social Anxiety

A still of cuddling reducing social anxiety

Anxiety is a tensed state of one’s mind when exposed to heightened stimuli. The release of Oxytocin by the body in times like these contribute to reducing anxiety, be it of any kind and helps you be your best self. Therefore, cuddling is also a remedy for dealing with the different types of anxiety.

5. The Motherly bond

A still of cuddling creating a motherly bond

Nothing is more beautiful than seeing a mother and her child cuddle. However, did you know this has a scientific reason behind it? According to one of the most interesting facts about cuddling, it helps strengthen the relationship between the child and the mother without them even realizing it. It unifies and strengthens their compassionate and loving bond.

6. A good night hug

A still of a good night hug

Among the many benefits of cuddling, this is one of the most commonly experienced and felt. Cuddling helps you sleep faster and wake up more relaxed. Due to the release of Oxytocin, your body becomes stimulated to relax. If you combine tiredness with that, sleep is only an inch away.

7. No more stressing out

A still that cuddling reduces stress

It is an obvious feature but one of the important benefits of cuddling nonetheless. Again, the release of Oxytocin helps you reduce your stress and keep it in check. An underrated home remedy to this psychological issue, it is often used by people without realizing the cause of as to why a good cuddle is needed when you feel the blues. Therefore, among the many useful stress relief tips, cuddling counts as one of the most beneficial ones.

8. Bonding

Cuddling creates bonds

How can the list of benefits of cuddling miss out on the most important point, bonding? Cuddles help you bond better with the person you share it with, be it your parents, siblings or partner. This helps your body sync with each other and feel safe and warm in each other’s arms.

9. A healthy heart

a healthy heart

An action of intimate proportions leads to the release of Oxytocin which facilitates heart movements. This contributes to an efficient working heart that is an important aspect of a healthy life.

10. Helps bud intimacy

Cuddling increases intimacy

Benefits of cuddling with your intimate partner also includes a lot of contribution to your relationship with him or her. Studies have shown that frequent cuddling with your partner helps you navigate through trust issues. This is because the amount of Oxytocin helps you feel relaxed and warm in each other’s arms.

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