Selena Gomez got her fame from Disney. She has always been taking our attention. Whether it is for her style or hookups. This article gives you details of her personal life. Like, who all were the lucky dudes Selena has ever dated.

Though she stated earlier she will maintain her privacy. The total opposite happens all the time.

The former Disney star has dated men in all shapes and sizes. It’s not difficult to get jealous. So, try your best to envy.

1. The Weekend

Selena and The Weekend are dating currently. So, he has to be on top of our list.The Weekend is one of the best rappers of the world. He has a Grammy too! They both are dating since January 2017. Earlier, there were just flames of rumors. The confusion got cleared when they kissed each other in Los Angeles. They both attended the Coachella Festival too together.

2. Justin Bieber

It was a shocking news for the world. The news buzzed like crazy. They dated each other for five years. It was nothing less than a roller coaster ride of emotions for them. Now also after their breakup, they keep on posting pictures of TBT on Instagram. Their songs always reveal a hidden message. Just after the breakup, Justin Bieber came out with a song “SORRY“. Does it mean something? Or “They don’t talk anymore“?

3. Taylor Lautner

Yes, she dated him as well. The twilight actor couldn’t resist Selena. They met first in Vancouver. Selena was there for her movie Ramona and Beezus. And Taylor was filming Twilight: The new moon. They both dated for few months in 2009. The reason was paparazzi. Knowing that they had media all over them. Their love couldn’t last long.

4. Nick Jonas

Nick dated her when they both were Disney stars. After Nick and Miley Cyrus’s breakup, rumors came of him and Selena spending time together. However, they never confirmed their status. But paparazzi can follow anywhere.

5. Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is an actor who is dating Katty Perry. But gossips of him and Selena blew all over the internet. They got little physical in a nightclub of Vegas. But never gave a word about it. His girlfriend, Katy Perry stood by him by denying all the rumors.

6. Zedd

They both dated each other in 2015.After splitting, Selena opened up.She confirmed it in an interview saying “She still adores him”. Zedd, 25 never confirmed it though. After the rumors, they had a song released “I want you to know”.

7. Mark Salling

He is an actor, singer, composer and a musician. No wonder why Selena fell for him. Both met during 2010 Teen Choice Awards. Sources confirmed that they texted each other continuously in the awards function. As she was seated on the front seat and Mark was backstage. Truly love cannot wait!

8. Niall Horan

The relationship built strong during X-Factor finale. Niall’s performance didn’t go well. Guess, who came to the rescue? Selena! She was there to make him feel good. They kissed passionately backstage. She never confirmed her status.As she didn’t want any controversies in her new relationship.

9. Cameron Quiseng

Their relationship confused many.Were they just BFF or more? Like always, Selena never confirmed.Some pictures flooded on the internet. Pictures of her promoting his songs. And, together hanging out. Rumors blew away like it came.

10. David Henrie

They worked together in Disney serial-Wizards of the Waverly place.But always seen together off screen as well. Their relationship was opposite on-screen.Being siblings on the show, they couldn’t hide. Their relationship didn’t last long. David is married now. Selena attended his wedding putting aside all the rumors.

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