10 Interesting Facts About Giraffes


Most people know that Giraffes are very tall and have very long necks. But these animals are not just about their towering height. They are very interesting animals. In this article, you will find some interesting facts about the ‘tallest mammals’ that will amaze you-

1. The Unique Patterns 

The patterns on the bodies of Giraffes are unique- that means, no two giraffes have the same pattern- just like human fingerprints.

2. The Standing Leggy 

Giraffes spend most of their lives standing up. From eating to giving birth they do most of their actions activities standing.

3. They don’t like sleep –

These lofty creatures don’t sleep much. Despite standing up for all day, they sleep around 2 hours- that too standing.

4. Leopard Camels 

The scientific name of Giraffes is ‘Giraffa Camelopardalis’, which comes from Latin and means ‘Camel marked like a Leopard’- owing to tall structure and the spots on the body.

5. They Can Run Very Fast 

Giraffes can run very fast, up to speeds of 35 miles per hour. But they can’t run for long stretches.

6. They have got a ‘Big Heart’ 

They have a 2 feet heart, which weighs around 11 kg! This helps to maintain the necessary pressure required to maintain blood flow to the brain.

7. Water isn’t a Great Necessity for them 

Giraffes can go without water for a long time. They usually drink water once in a couple of days. Their green diet provides them a good amount of water.

8. They have ‘Ossicones’ 

Giraffes have horn-like projections on their head which are called Ossicones. These are usually covered with hair. The male Giraffes use these ‘horns’ while fighting.

9. Giraffes’ Neck is short! –

No, I am not joking! They have quite a long neck but not enough so that they can drink water standing. They need to bend or spread their legs to drink water.

10. Something about ‘Tongue’ –

Like the rest of their body parts, these ‘towers’ have a very long tongue. Their tongue is more than 40 cm long and is blue- black in color to protect it from sunburns.

I think this must have increased your knowledge as well as interest in the Giraffes.

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