The Death of Chivalry is becoming a cliché nowadays which is a shame to every man out there. So here we are with 10 timeless rules/habits of gentlemen that will help us bring Chivalry back to life. And may turn some men into Gentlemen.

A Gentleman is Punctual & follows Rules

If showing up late at every party, meeting, school, college or office is your thing then you surely are getting others to question your reliability. But thankfully, you can get over this with nothing but a manageable time table. Also, you can and should train yourself to be on time by changing the habits of remaining on your phone while ignoring the time. Or the habit of taking a long time in getting yourself ready.  And keep in mind that it is expected of a gentleman to arrive to prepare himself and do some last-minute work

He gives Genuine Compliments. Often.

Try making it a habit of complimenting the people you meet but don’t try too hard or they’ll think you as cheesy. Just make a simple and genuine compliment. It can be about the way they dress, their hair, their looks, their sense of humour or anything that you notice. And don’t ever forget to compliment when you’re on a date because the other person has spent a lot of time trying to look good in front of you.

He has good table manners and etiquettes

If you a wolf who is willing to come out, the dinner table in no place for him. Even if you are using your tools (fork, knife, and spoon) properly, the mouth full talks and open mouth chewing can’t be excuses so make sure that you don’t eat like you’re eating for the last time no matter how hungry or late you are. In the case that you don’t know how you’re supposed to act at any formal function, please learn. (You’ll thank me later)

A Gentleman Listens

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You may think of yourself as an amazing speaker and debater but guess what, no one likes someone who goes on talking and talking without listening what the others want to say. Don’t confuse listening with waiting for your chance to speak because that’s just rude. You’ve to listen to understand and not to reply with something. It does mean that you should be attentive and can’t just pretend to be listening.
Genuine listening just makes you more likeable, caring and interesting even when you may not be. Everyone wants to have listened and it’s a gentleman’s duty to put others before him and listening to them genuinely is one thing that you should surely work on. Plus, using your phone while listening is equally rude no matter how much attention you may be paying to the speaker so stop doing that too.

He’s Compassionate

He knows that he can experience the full range of human emotions because it’s natural. Becoming that macho man from that defined from the time of our great-grandparents will only make you look less human which in any way isn’t what you need. The fear that stops you from expressing feelings because it seems “feminine” is simply stupid. A true gentleman knows that it should be his ability to be kind and empathetic and everything else, the manners, the looks and the dress is senseless without it.

He never hits a Woman. Never Ever

Whatever the situation may be in you can never hit a woman. The anger or stress isn’t an acceptable excuse and there may not be any excuse when you can hit her. And there’s no argument that you can use to oppose this fact. No, what if. No qualifier. You can’t hit any woman, whether it’s your sister, your wife or any stranger. Not even once.

A gentleman dresses for the Occasion

Whether you like the fact or not the Fashion plays a big role in what people think of us. It’s simply inappropriate to walk into a business meeting with nothing but your shorts or wearing a suit to a beach party. A gentleman knows and has a cupboard of the perfect clothes for the perfect occasions.
If you trouble with doubts about comfort and looks or about what is appropriate and what isn’t just open YouTube and use the numerous dressing experts sitting there to teach you all of it. But don’t let your clothes ruin the great mind and personality that are having.

He knows the Basics of the Basic Things

Let it be cooking, cleaning or finance, a gentleman should know the basics of the basic situation so that he’s independent of others can survive on his own. If you don’t know something basic learn it ASAP and if you know your stuff make sure you’re perfect at it (for a basic level) and whenever possible help your mates, partner or parents in doing these stuff. It would only make you sincerer in their eyes as well as genuinely.
Other than the work that may come in daily use, you should also know at least a little bit of things like dancing, so that you don’t have to be a mood downer or a money at any party. Other than dancing, you can learn basic calculation tricks, tie making, a couple of hairstyling tips and a few tricks with your smartphone that will only make you look smarter.

A Gentleman treats everyone with Respect

Let alone the woman you love you should respect everyone you meet. Even if he’s a waiter or a servant he deserves your attention. And to make this simple you can follow this simple strategy that I personally have in my life which states that: “Everyone deserves your Respect until proven otherwise.” This also means that you can’t corner people at parties with your political views or sports preferences while disrespecting their views because it’s just rude and so not cool to do so.

A Gentleman is physically fit

This is a simple fact. Being physically fit makes you not only attractive but also people will feel safe while being around you. It’s not about buffing you up heavily because no one really likes that. Just make sure that you’re fit enough to protect yourself from an intruder. And fast to outrun a thief so that he doesn’t get away with your stuff.
Plus, you can’t afford to be the tender one, the one who can’t help in moving the stuff with his friends or girlfriend or help an old lady with her stuff on the street.

Concluding, the manners, rules, and chivalry of a Gentleman aren’t something that should be forced on someone. Someone should be genuinely interested in making himself presentable to others. Also, he should want the people around him to feel better about being there. The tips or rules mentioned above are some that will be surely helpful in achieving a status of Gentleman.
And in case I missed something please let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to share it with the friends who are in the need of this guide. And do follow, like us for more stuff like this.

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