10 times F.R.I.E.N.D.S. gave us major BFF Goals


The eternally classy sitcom, FRIENDS, is known and lauded among the best of us. While Phoebe is positively crazy, Rachel is elegantly fashionable. Additionally, while Monica gives off MOM vibes, Chandler makes us believe in the ole saying “There is love in the world after all”. Also, while Ross is the geeky screw-up, Joey hates to share his food. While they may all be worlds apart, together, they form the most amazing T.V wolf-pack there is. Let us wade through some of the best BFF goals the show:

1. That time when they had two parties for Rachel’s birthday surprise:

BFF goalsAmidst the chaos of two parties, Rachel had finally given up on ever getting her parents to love each other again and feared for her own sanity. She reminisced about the 4th of July celebrations with her family while Chandler quietly listened to her. The way Chandler draws the bigger picture of life for her and helps her get over the initial shock of her parents’ divorce, gave us BFF GOALS #1.

2. When Joey was all about being 1/16th Portuguese:

BFF goalsRemember when Phoebe thought she was 30 but was in fact 31? Well, wouldn’t it suck if you found out you aren’t 18 but in fact 19? Yeah, it would. We all remember the forlorn expression on her face as she walked out of Central Perk to be with herself for some time. Just then, Joey rushed up to her and kissed her because he’s 1/16th Portuguese! Wasn’t that a life-saving brand new information? That did cheer Phoebe up within seconds and that’s how we have BFF GOALS #2.

3. When they didn’t have even a “Pla”:

BFF goalsThe mid-life crisis: the most dreaded of all phases in the life of a human being who doesn’t have even a “PLA”. Picture the three girls, lazily lounging around in Monica and Rachel’s apartment, sipping margaritas and discussing how wayward their lives have become. It does lighten the mood when your friends tend to find humour in the worst moments and make you forget all about your stance on life for a few good hours. It can get very scary in very little time. But when you have the magic beans, it does get better. Nothing like playing Twister while gorging on pizzas and talking about exes, must-have-been and could-have-been with the world’s best girl gang. And that’s how we have BFF GOALS #3 in our bag.

4. The Back-Up Plan:

BFF goalsThe uncertainty of marriage sets in when you cannot watch your best friend getting married and you definitely can’t handle her squeals and giddy-ness anymore. You cannot help but feel a little envious of the happy years ahead of her and her successful match-up for life. Then your fickle mind considers a number of ways in which you can cope with being single in the least pitiful manner possible. AND THEN IT HITS YOU! THE BACK-UP PLAN! This little nugget of laughter gave us BFF GOALS #4 and also, a lucrative idea for when life may go astray.

5. The Other Evil Plan:

BFF goalsWhen it comes to being creepily weird and scarily funny, Phoebe is my go-to-gal. Also, anybody, LITERALLY ANYBODY, can woo over Joey and we all know how in love Joey has been with Phoebe throughout the show. *cough cough* It is a well-guarded secret in the fandom, yes. I’m sure a whole lot of you have the same evil plan as these two love birds do. Ride off into the sunset with Chandler’s money? Yep, we all have THAT ONE plan. If you do, then you, dear sir, have BFF GOALS #5 in your satchel.

6. When Little Harmonica was hammered:

BFF goalsWe have all been slaves to wine and beer and acted in the most horrendous and embarrassing ways. What becomes a 1000X funnier is when we try to mask our inebriated states and act “NORMAL”. When Little Harmonica got hammered, the chain of events that followed with Phoebe eventually taking her top off to ward away attention from Drunk Mon, gave us BFF GOALS #6.

7. When Joey found out that Pheebs and then Rach were ‘Pregnant’:

BFF goalsJessica Parker Simpson may have raised her kids in the city all ALONE. But, Joey certainly didn’t want either Pheebs or Rach to be doing it all by themselves. When he first thought that Phoebe was pregnant, he rushed to put a ring on her finger so that she would never find herself alone. And this is how Joey adorably gave us BFF GOALS #7.

8. Not even the most suave of apartments can keep you away from your best friend:

BFF goalsA built-in mechanism to give you the feeling of rain beating on the windows, a swanky new uptown apartment and all the fresh fame can feel new and glamorous, but when it starts to come in between you and your best friend, it becomes enormously important to save what’s more precious to you. When Joey hugs Chandler from behind, it gives us BFF GOALS #8 very conveniently.

9. Because only your best friend can be your lobster:

BFF goalsOnly your best friend can arrange the train of your dress. Only your best friend can smudge your shoulder with mayonnaise. Moreover, only your best friend can save your prom night. CHIP, YOU BRINJAL! Couldn’t you have stayed out of their perfect night out? But what’s destined to happen will happen, and that’s how Ross earned the love of his life. If this isn’t BFF GOALS #9 then I don’t know what is.

10. When you just wanna chill with a few beers in wedding gowns:

BFF goalsSometimes all you wish to do is sit back, relax and enjoy some popcorn and beers with your BFFs in wedding gowns! It isn’t as bizarre as it sounds, trust me. We all wish to wind out after a digressing break-up, a day filled with pregnancy mood swings and wedding shopping woes. Only a little crazy time can fix that! The girls chilling together definitely makes BFF GOALS #10 an ultra must-have!

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