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All of us have heard the phrase that says Incredible India. But do we really have any evidence that proves it to be fact and not a mere statement? Of course, we have and we have them in plenty. There is nothing wrong with the saying that our country is incredible. What all we witness here is just so fascinating and at the same time mystical as well. You can never think of how that place was formed or what makes that place so special. India might not possess all those new technologies and equipment but the culture, belief and that divine power that exist here cannot be found anywhere else. The mysteries and astonishing things in the most unusual places in India are way more than your imagination goes up to.

incredible india

Here Are Those Unforgettable And Unusual Places In India!

1. Mayong, Place In Assam


Mayong that is present in Assam is said to be the ‘Land of Black Magic’. Now you must be thinking how can someplace be declared as the land of black magic? And what makes this place land of black magic. Well, here is the truth. It is said that Mayong had a tradition of practicing magic which was later passed to their generations. This ritual became so widespread that every second house in Mayong has members involved in this sorcery and magic. Also, some have witnessed disappearing of people in the thin air, converting of man into animals and other such abnormal activities. So, there might not be anything wrong in stating Mayong as one amongst the unusual places in India.

2. Roopkund lake, Chamoli, Uttarakhand

skeleton lake

The name itself depicts the unusuality in this place. Roopkund India is called the ‘Mystery Lake’ or ‘Skeleton Lake’. This is because of the 600 human skeletons that were found in this lake. It is present in a secluded region of Himalayas where even vegetation refuses to exist. Imagine the harsh survival conditions that must be present there. If there is zero possibility of vegetation then how can you think of survival of any human species there? There are still no shreds of evidence where those skeletons came from and this is what makes it amongst one of the unusual places in India.

3. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

cleanest village

You must have visited many places but none as clean as this one. Yes, Mawlynnong is a village and not an ordinary one but rather Asia’s Cleanest Village. It was actually a community-based effort that resulted in this beautiful village. People here wanted to uplift the idea of eco-tourism and from where we can see they have successfully done that. A throng of people come to visit this cleanest village in Asia. Also, what makes it one of the most unusual places in India are the people that are residents of this village. They have a 100% literacy rate and can speak fluent English which makes tourist more attracted towards it as they can communicate with them easily and know about their stories.

4. Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan

rat temple

You must be wondering what could be unusual in a temple of Rajasthan but what if I tell you it is ‘Temple of Rats’. Karni Mata temple is situated in a small town called Deshnok near Bikaner where rats are worshipped. I know this sounds awful but it is true. And it is very famous for this even. Thousands of devotees visit here every month and worship rats. Whats more interesting is that these rats do not cross the boundary of the temple and are always within the temple. It is believed that rats are reincarnated family members of Karni Mata and that is why they are worshipped. Therefore, it is one of the most unusual places in India. 

5. Lepakshi Temple, Andra Pradesh

hanging pillars

This historical village Lepakshi of Andra Pradesh, known for it’s Hanging Pillar is one of the most unusual places in India. There are about 70 pillars but one out of them is hanging.  There is no support to this pillar, it hangs free in the air. People that visit this temple often pass objects through the gap to check whether what is claimed is true or not. And, shockingly this is true. There is a prominent gap between the pillar and the floor. Also, people believe that passing an object through this hanging pillar will bring luck and prosperity to them. Now, nothing can be said about this belief of theirs but the fact that the pillar is hanging is definitely true.

6. Shetpal, Maharashtra

place in maharashtra

Shetpal is another one of the unusual places in India. This place is unusual because of the weird process of worshipping of snakes. This worshipping of snakes is not only insane but risky as well. Every house in Shetpal has a place that is meant for keeping cobras in there. And surprisingly there are none cases of snake bite till date. Obviously, there exist some divine power that keeps a hold on this or else how do you expect snakes living so close to you and are still harmless. Now you know why it has been added as one of the unusual places.

7. Jwala Ji Temple, Kangra

jwala ji

It is definitely one of the most unusual places in India. It is a famous temple in Kangra that witness thousands of devotees to seek the blessings of the Goddess. What makes this place so important is the presence of Akhand Jyot within a rock cave. No one knows how long this fire has been burning and neither does anyone has any idea how was this first lighted up. It is said by some that it is because Lord Shiva’s wife burnt herself here when she was disrespected by her own father and since then her rage has been burning in the form of this fire.

8. Loktak Lake, Manipur

floating lake

The view of this lake will make you believe that India has a beauty that no other country has. This loktak lake of Manipur is actually a floating lake. This is because of the phumdis that grow on this lake which make it look like it’s floating. It is definitely worth a view which makes it one of the most unusual places in India. You hardly get to witness such beauty in your life. So, if given a chance I believe you would never want to miss this. Apart from being a scenic beauty, this lake has also been a sample of studies for many years. The scientist believes that there is still some unexplored mystery in this lake.

9. The Magnetic Hill, Leh

magnetic hill

Leh Ladakh itself is very famous for it’s road trips and also is considered as one of the best tourist places in India. But something that you might not know about this fascinating place of India is that it offers more than just beauty. There comes a place while traveling to Leh that is known as The Magnetic Hills. It is said that your vehicle would run on its own even when the ignition is off or your vehicle is pulled off the road. There are no pieces of evidence as to how is this even possible but definitely, there is something unusual about it.

10. Bullet Baba Shrine, Rajasthan

bullet baba

There are many strange temples in India. Have you ever thought of a bullet bike as a God? You must be thinking what an insane thought is that but what if I tell you this is actually the truth. Bandai, is a place in Jodhpur, Rajasthan that actually has a temple where bullet bike is worshipped. People offer flowers and liquor to a motorcycle over there. It is said that Om Singh Rathore was riding this bullet when he met with an accident. This bullet when taken into custody miraculously was found at the same place where the accident took place the other day. Strange, right? But that is what is what happened and ever since then, this bullet is worshipped at the same place. Thus, it is one of the most unusual places in India with unusual beliefs.

There are many unusual and miraculous places in the world. If you’re able to explore more such unusual places in India, let us know in the comments section below.

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