10 Ways To Increase Motivation At Work


The world has been a marathon race for a very long time and we, humans are the runners. However, in the process, we often exhaust ourselves and our health. Enterprises these days look for employees who are ready to go that extra mile and maintain a calm and composed exterior at the same time dealing with the intense work pressure. Unfortunately, many often choose to drop out of these jobs only to realize that the next one just gets worse. Statistics have shown that in recent years, one is observed to change his or her job about ten to twelve times in their career which is thrice more than before. So what exactly are the ways to increase motivation at work?

Here are 10 effective ways to increase motivation at work!

1. Understand what makes your clock tick!

time is money

There are various types of motivation in the workplace. Motivation starts from within and these tips will serve no purpose if you are not willing to work at them. Self-motivation might just be one of the hardest things to achieve if it’s already not present but it is not impossible. Therefore the first tip is to understand what motivates you. What is the driving force behind your goals and aspirations? The answer to this question is largely subjective. It could be your family, your ambition or anything at all. This is a very important step and once it dawns on you, hold on to it and never let go, because it is this answer that is going to lift you higher.

2. Use a LOT of Post-its!

using post-its at work

One of the most common yet effective methods to increase motivation at work is a to-do list. Every morning grab a pen and a post-it, jot down everything you want to achieve in the six or more hours you spend at the office. Nothing will make you feel better than crossing off the chores you managed to do. It helps you to stay pumped up and keep things interesting at work.

3. Listen and Apply

learning from seniors

There is an unbreakable official hierarchy and though this is mostly not appreciated, it continues to be a necessity in the workplace. The senior staff members may be quite experienced or knowledgeable about the field you work in which is why their feedback is very important. One has to learn to listen to the drawbacks, irrespective of the form in which it is delivered in and works to achieve better next time. This tip is one of the hardest ways to increase motivation at work but keep in mind that both, you and your boss, only want what is best for the company and its progress.

4. Shake hands!

handshakeIt is important to maintain an informal yet competitive relationship with your fellow employees. They more than anyone else can understand what you are going through and can help you deal with them. However, one has to set up barriers for those who have a competitive trait as they might misguide you and you might end up falling farther than before. Peer pressure is often seen as very lethal in the workplace but a small amount of it can actually help you achieve a lot. Peers can push you to attain your maximum limits but make sure you do not get affected by them beyond a certain limit.

5. Keep your pens on the pen stand!

arranged stationery at work

As cliché, as it sounds, organizing your work, can actually help you to increase motivation at work. A neat and clean cubicle or desk helps you arrange yourself mentally and avoid chaos at your workplace. Studies have shown that people manage to stay in the zone when their official surroundings are organised and tidy. It also helps you tackle one problem at a time which is an important method to stay focused as multitasking can often lead to your attention being divided which might not get you the perfection you require.

6. You CAN do it.

You can do it!

One cannot emphasize the importance of staying positive at work. It is often very difficult to do so when your hard work does not pay off or you are called out in public, instances which are unavoidable when you are an employee. But you have to mentally be prepared for a large amount of negativity to surround you. During these times, close your eyes and repeat the mantra, “I CAN DO IT”, a couple of times under your breath while breathing in and out. Open your eyes and go back to focusing on the work at hand and think of ways to present it better than before.

7. Accept the world is round!

accepting things as they are

Irrespective of how great you are your work, there are some things you just cannot change. Certain results are bound to be bad but the point should be that you have done everything in your power to make sure it doesn’t have to be so. It is important to understand that not everything is your fault and that a number of outcomes may not turn out the way you wanted it to. During such instances, forgive yourself and move on instead of pondering about the things you could have done. What’s done is done!

8. The alphabets never stop haunting you!

continuous learning

You are on a continuous journey of learning and you can never escape it. Be it in the workplace or school, one ought to be taught to succeed. Prepare yourself for advice and feedback. Never see it as unimportant and irrelevant for your age because no matter how old you get, learning is the last thing that could cause you any harm.

9. Pamper yourself! (but not too much)

Pamper yourself

The list of ways to increase motivation at work is incomplete without pampering yourself. Celebrate your success and move on from your failures. Pop open a bottle of champagne or treat yourself to a massage after a win. It helps you to increase motivation at work. It will also classically condition you to perform better. It is a step in the process of self-motivation that is equally important to the rest.

10. Buy a Samosa from time to time!

Eating at workplaceOffice breaks in whatever form, may it be lunch breaks or tea breaks, are really important. These breaks are psychologically introduced in official surroundings to relieve one of tension and stress. Go out for a walk or indulge yourself in snacks or simply sip a cup of tea to break free from work. This is one of the most important and effective ways to increase motivation at work as it helps to rejuvenate you and keep you composed and focused.

There are numerous ways to motivate employees and increase productivity. No job is ever easy. Be it being a student, an employee or even a parent for that matter but with the right amount of encouragement and approach, all jobs can be made interesting and even fun. Always be ready to face the obstacles life is going to throw at you. Keep your wands ready and your spells prepared!

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