(11 Things About Cancerian) Cancer is the 4th Zodiac Sign, which falls on the dates between June 21 and July 22. A crab is its symbol. Like a crab takes side steps, Cancerians are known for not choosing a particular path. They are often confused but end up achieving their ultimate goal. Cancerians are the most loving of all.

11 things about Cancerian are-

1. Taken by Emotions –

Cancer is one of the most emotional zodiac signs. Cancerians are way too emotional and sensitive. They get hurt easily. Even if they forgive, they don’t easily forget.

2. Born with a particular sense of Humour-

The sense of humor which is impudent, obvious, mean yet funny. They are big-time entertainers. People crave to be around Cancerians. They are fun to be with and make the environment light, happy and positive.

 3. Magic and miracles are what they believe in –

Cancerians live by fantasy. They believe in magic and miracles. Cancerians have a positive outlook towards things and hope is the factor that keeps them going. They know that they will emerge victorious in the end. They believe in living in the moment.

4. Thinking and thinking and over thinking-


A Cancerian even overthinks about why he/she is thinking so much. Cancerians tend to create problems and situations that were not there in the first place by overthinking. This often makes them judgmental about people and things.

5. Extremism comes naturally-

Cancerians are extremists in all respects. It’s either ALL or NONE. They tend to lose people and close ones because of the imbalance. They get too attached or too detached, all at once.

6. Heartbreak is the last thing they would like to deal with-


They are the most afraid of heartbreaks and losing people. Therefore, they crave for a long-lasting, sincere relationship. True love is one of the most important things about Cancerian.

7. Expressive in their own way-

Be it through long messages, or by a form of art, a Cancerian is the most expressive of all. They are the ones to click the most pictures at a party or on a trip! Planning Birthday parties are what they are best at. They love expressing their feelings and doing things that make others happy. They are the happiest go lucky people and rarely get low or dejected.

8. Most contented-

Things about Cancerian includes contentment. Cancerians are the easiest when it comes to cheering up. Little things make them happy. They crave for non-material happiness rather than the materialistic one.

9. Outgoing – loved by all-


They love being around people. They love to be pampered and being the center of attraction when it comes to an event, trip or a party.

10. Giving their 100% in whatever they do-

Even if it is preparing Maggi at midnight, they would make sure that they give their best. Hard work is one of the important things that make them successful in life.

11. Calm until provoked-

Cancerians don’t lose their patience easily, but when they do, all hell breaks loose. In spite of being moody, they are calm and composed most of the times. This is one of the best things about Cancerian.

These things about Cancerian make them unpredictable and unique!

One would never want to lose a Cancerian!

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