Punekar is not simply a resident of Pune. Rather it is a different culture, a way of life. Just like a coconut, they are hard outside and tender soft within. Punekars exactly know how to make their work done by being shrewd and sweet at the same time. Although distant at first, they can be extremely friendly and cool too.

These are few peculiarities that might help one to pick out a true Punekar.

1. Marathi Swag

“Chyayla” is the word that Punekars learn without being taught. They are more aware of the Marathi abuses than they are of the English Alphabets. Even if they are linguistic and a pro at several languages, they will only and only reply in Marathi.

 2. Directions

“My way is the only way” is what a true Punekar believes in. They are best at making the world a better place by taking shortcuts and saving fuel. While guiding a stranger for directions, there are only two words in the dictionary of a Punekar- “Var”(up) and “Khali” (down). The directions given by a Punekar seem the easiest ( they make it sound it that way) and hardest to follow.

3. Scarves and Stoles are a part of clothing

A true Punekar girl shall never go out on a bike without wearing a stole or a scarf. As much as they protect the skin and face from dust and heat, a Puneri girl feels secure and safe wearing it.

4. Two wheeler is a must

In today’s world, while everyone craves for a luxurious 4 wheeler, a Puneri is sufficed with his two wheelers as far as he is able to commute with it. Simplicity is engraved in a common man residing in Pune. It just comes naturally.

5. Controlling time

Afternoon naps tend to be compulsory for every Punekar who runs a grocery store. As much as Puneris seem to be lazy, they end up finishing their work at ease. “Smart work rather than Donkey work” is the key.

6. Vada pav and Missal

Puneris are a big time foodie! Every person in Pune has to love Vada pav. A true Punekar shall always choose “Joshi or Rohit” Vadapav over a Macdonald Burger. Misal is a stress booster for most of them.

9. Love for abbreviations

Names of Roads like FC, MG, ABC are a common man’s terms in Pune. Punekars have a special love for abbreviations which shall never fade. In fact, these sound pretty cool and classy!

8. Slums to Skyscrapers, Everything is here!

While semi slums in few areas, areas like Kalyani Nagar and Koregaon Park are places filled with richness. Niche classes belong to these areas. Although these differences, all Punekars carry the ‘Punekar panache’ extremely well.

10. P1 & P2 Parking

While everyone in this little world is aware of only Parking and No Parking, Punekars have their own way of it. Each side of a lane is either P1 or P2. Even days demand the two wheelers to be parked on P2 and Odd days demand the two wheelers to be parked on P1. Isn’t it unique?! Just a Puneri thing.

11. ‘Monday to Sunday’ everywhere

From Somwar(Monday)Peth to Ravivar(Sunday)Peth, there is all. Things that u could only imagine in a dream world are found in all ‘peths’ in Pune.

11. Honking is talking

The way a person honks says it all if he is a Puneri or not. It’s much more than the actual purpose of honking which only a true Punekar understands. It is a way of communication.

12. Ganesh Chaturthi and Gudi Padwa? No, they aren’t   just Festivals!

These are much more than festivals. A true Punekar shall be the merriest and the celebrations will be like this is the last of it! Much more than simply a resident of Pune, much more than a mere identity, much more than a citizen of the city. PUNEKARS are the pride of Pune. They are shaped by the typical lifestyle, food, and history that marks the city. Punekars are everywhere. Only if one knows these peculiarities, you know where and how to look for a Punekar!

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