Thalassophile! Yes, you read it right! A person who loves seas and oceans is often termed as a Thalassophile! Are you one of them? These eleven points would help you find out if you really are a Sea Lover!

1. Whenever you feel low, the seaside is the place!

a girl walking on the beach

The Seaside is the best place to give you comfort when you are at your lowest! Hence, a sea lover would always find a seat to sit beside the sea when dejected!

2. You wait to watch the sunset

Sunset is your favorite part. In spite of watching it so many times, you never get tired of it. You watch every part of the sun setting with enthusiasm.

3. It’s the best “ME” place

Whenever a Sea lover needs his “Me” space, he is right there. He watches the waves come and go! Spending time with yourself is what you need often!

4. With every wave, you get answers to your questions

For a sea lover, waves are not only waves. They are much more! It is a way of contemplating life! He sees his own life in them. Hence, seeks to find answers amidst all this.

5. Self-introspection is the word!

Self-analysis is what most of the Sea Lovers do while sitting beside the sea! It gives you a chance of self-introspecting!

6. Escaping the Daily Routine

Seaside usually acts as a stress booster for a sea lover. To escape the daily life, sea lovers spend time at the sea shore. It is the most relaxing thing for him.

7. No materialistic happiness can beat the feeling of sitting by the shore!

No Big brand or any other materialistic thing can give a sea lover as much as mental peace and happiness as the sea gives him! The happiness cannot be measured. It is priceless.

8. The sound of waves hitting the shore is what you like the most!

The typical sound of the waves hitting the shore is irreplaceable and you wait to hear it everytime!

9. It makes you realize that no matter what, “Life goes on!”

At the sea shore, you experience yourself into a completely different mood! It shows you many things. One of them being, that nothing is permanent and life goes on no matter what!

10. You feel like freezing time.

“How I wish I could freeze time!” is what you always think after experiencing the beautiful picturesque in front of you.

11. You have a great collection of shells and love gathering them.

You definitely have a great collection of shells, of various sizes, shapes and colors kept safely at one corner of your home! Every shell reminds you of the time spent at the sea shore.

12. You only wish if you could capture every color of the sky!

As the color of the sky keeps changing with the passage of time, you feel like capturing every moment of it!

13. While others complain of the heat and humidity, you rather enjoy it!

Heat, Humidity, and Tanning is the last thing a sea lover would ever think of unlike others while sitting at the sea shore.

Sea Lovers are a unique bunch and are great introspects! Are you one of them too!? Find out through these above 13 points!

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