Govinda dance tracks

90’s Bollywood was famous for its wacky romance, cheesy songs, unusual attires, flamboyancy, comedy and a lot of mushy yet funny drama. And when it comes to quirky dance moves, the first name that grooves in our mind is ‘GOVINDA’!! An actor, dancer, and singer par excellence has given us a lot of chart-buster songs. But his unique dance style takes these peppy numbers to a whole new level. Be it his insanely catchy dance moves, be it his epic expressions, he keeps his audience engrossed. And every single time, he walks away with all the accolades. So, here are 15 Govinda dance tracks with groovy music and the wackiest lyrics. Show your desi latka-jhatkas and match-up to the dancing genius. Tune up your desi swag!!

Govinda dance tracks

#1. Main Toh Raste Se Jaa Rha Tha

Yeah! Spicy is the way to sum up romance for a fully chatpata dance number. Also, Karaoke time!!

#2. Kisi Disco Mein Jaayein

Asking your bae for a date with the whole planning of fun and food. Can it be more convincing?

#3. Main Laila-Laila Chillaunga

What’s love without passion and dedication! And when you have to let the world know about it, Govinda has his quirky way. Take notes!

#4. Aunty No.1

Govinda’s swag doesn’t discriminate between girls and boys. Because why should girls have all the nakhras and adaayein? And saree!!!

#5. Kahan Raja Bhoj Kahan Gangu Teli

Self-confidence! Swag! When you are asked for your best possible intro in front of a competitor, what can be better than this one. Sarcastic strokes!!

Govinda dance tracks

#6. Soni De Nakhre Sone Lagde

Learn to dance but have your own unique style for the show. That’s what Govinda does with his belly moves to impress Katrina Kaif in this song.

#7. Meri Marzii

Because attitude! Mah life, mah rulez (Pun intended). Follow what you choose to. Shout it out loud and let the world know about it.

#8. Maine Paidal Se Jaara Tha

When your charm is dangerous for your image and the girls won’t understand. Describing your plight can be so fun!!

#9. Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare

Bae is angry and you have to cajole her. A whole lot of metaphorical compliments will do the job perfectly. No doubt, why this song was SO popular.

#10. Ek Ladki Chahiye Khaas Khaas

Explanation of the key qualities you expect in your would-be, gets so interesting and innovative when Govinda does the talking.

Govinda dance tracks

#11. Ande Ka Funda

Not a desi thumka song but one, with some serious philosophy about life. Anda=Murgi=Party=Aashiqui=Zindagi! That’s what Govinda says about the wonders of EGG!

#12. Neeche Phoolon Ki Dukaan

When you can’t control your emotions and one look of hers, drives you crazy. All you can do is tell the world about how your heart skips a beat.

#13. Gori Tere Naino Mein Hum Bas Jaate

Nothing can be more romantic and convincing than the real-reel Bollywood love references including the legendary Bachchans.

#14. What Is Mobile Number?

Hesitant to talk to your crush? Still want her contact number? Here’s Govinda isshtyle you are supposed to follow, to confess your feelings and get her Mobile Number.

#15. Sona Kitna Sona Hai

There’s no comparison of Govinda’s acting, expressions, style and of course, dance. He’s the ultimate Hero No.1 and everyone accepts the fact.

Govinda’s impeccable comic timing ruled the hearts of the audience. And his groovy moves made a lot of newcomers copy his style for the fun-punch, hooting and whistles. Hence, he says,

“Jackie Chan ko sikhaaya maine fight-action,

Mere gaano ko churaaye Michael Jackson”

Swag it is! Hence his unique and easy style leaves us wanting for more epic and trendsetting twerks. An extra shot 😉 

Got more suggestions for this playlist? Drop the song names in the comments section. Happy Dancing !!

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