Are you one of those born with the “gift of gab?”, the art of talking and just talking. Yes, you are a unique bunch! Often termed as socializing butterflies, yappers, and chatterboxes, these are the eleven points that a talkative person would relate to on a daily basis!

1.  You are tired of talking softly but it just doesn’t happen!

People often tell you- “I am right beside you, why are you shouting?” Even if you try, you don’t feel comfortable talking softly like normal people do.

2. You know how to get your work done through gabbing!

A Chatterbox exactly knows what to say while getting his work done. Different tones and different pitches, the sweetness in his voice when needed melts the opposite person and look what!! The work is done!

3. You are a big entertainment to your colleagues when at work!


“I am bored of working, tell me something new!?” is what you often get to hear. A chatterbox provides all time entertainment to his friends and employees.

4. You have been often asked to breathe while you are talking!

People often ask you, “Don’t you get tired of talking?”. They often tell you to breathe while speaking and it is really annoying for a chatterbox to listen to this.

5. Formal Public speaking is often not your thing!

You are more into colloquial talks. Hence, Formal Public speaking is the last thing you would ever like to do.

6. You are a bad listener, you wait to talk next!

While your friend is trying to tell you something, there are other things in your mind and you want to tell them there and then. You wait for your turn to reply next instead of patiently listening to what the other person has to say.

7. You are a good advisor and consoling people is just your thing!

Since you like talking so much, you are good at hitting on that one particular note while giving advises to people. You say only what the other person wants to hear. This sort of makes the other person happy.

8. Phone bills are a big worry!

Phone Conversations are quite endless. If the opposite person is just like you, then there is no end to it.

9. You don’t mind talking to yourself when you are short of listeners.

You never feel alone or lonely because you talk to yourself when you need a person to listen to you! This helps in knowing yourself better.

10. Reading aloud while studying is just your thing!

Unless you read aloud, you don’t get that satisfaction of studying. The entire house has to know what are you reading while studying.

11. You often divert from a particular talk!

There is so much to say that before completing a particular sentence you end up beginning the other. It just confuses the listener and sometimes yourself too.

12. Friends and friends everywhere!

“Breaking the Ice is your cup of tea”. You end up talking wherever you go. So a lot of times, you end up meeting people whom you already know.

13. No secret stays with you for long!

It is hard to keep secrets. You always need some or the other conversation to start with. So what can be better than gossiping and spilling the beans?

14. Awkward silences become all the more awkward for you.

At the parties, when silence takes over, you feel restless and feel the urge to break the ice since such silence is new to you!

15. Sometimes, It is difficult for you to understand why people think you talk so much.

As much as you feel normal, Talking isn’t usual for most of the people. You often wonder if you really talk so much and it becomes hard to digest this fact.

Do u relate to this unique bunch?! Haven’t thought of it yet? Ponder over these 15 points to know if you are one of the Chatterboxes too!!

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