23 things you would relate to if your Mom is your Best Friend!


How would it be if your Mom is less a mom and more of a Best friend? The ones who share such a bond with their moms know how irreplaceable that feeling is! Here are few things that you would relate to if your mom is your best friend.

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1. You can talk to her about anything and everything

She is your secret keeper and would never stab you in the back. She is the first one to know your crushes.


2. You don’t take permission, you take advice

Sharing such a bond with her that in spite of being your parent, she advises you on important matters. You don’t need to ask her for permission, just discuss with her.

taking advice from mother

3. You prefer watching television with her rather than going out with friends

Your perfect weekend is when you spend quality time with your mom. You would always choose her over all your other friends!

spending time with mom

4. You don’t need anyone when she is around

When together, you are the happiest! She makes you feel confident and happy. You forget the entire world while sleeping on her lap.

Fun with mom

5. Nothing goes right after having fought with her

You feel restless and anxious once fought with Mom. Nothing seems to be right after that. It is one of the worst feelings ever.

mother and daughter fighting

6. There is hard core separation anxiety when you both are away from each other

You constantly feel that something is missing when you both are physically separated from each other. You miss those hugs and the feel of touch.

Separation anxiety

7. She understands you like no friend does

She guides and supports you, your mom is the one who has full faith in you and takes care of your likes and dislikes accordingly.

Understands you

8. Her judgments about your friends are always right

From the creepiest to the intelligent ones, mom, being a best friend can guess it all. She knows exactly what is your type and her judgments regarding them are always right.

9. She is the last person you would lie to

You share such a bond with your mom that you would never lie to her. There is so much transparency in the relationship you share with her that there is no chance of lying to her. She is the one whom you are most honest too.

Always honest

10. From being a selfie and gossiping partner, movie and shopping buddy, she is your everything!

She gives you better company than most of your friends. She is your movie buddy, shopping partner and ultimately your everything!! Your mom is your best selfie partner too.

Selfie partner

11. She guides and supports you in a way no one does.

Any difficulty or problem and she is THERE to help you out. She constantly motivates you and has a solution for all your worries!

Guides and supports

12. You both are way too protective of each other.

You would stand by each other no matter what. Being possessive about each other, you are way protective and cannot see anyone shouting or raising their voices against one another.


13. Her shoulder is what comforts you the most!

Mom who is a best friend too would always give you a shoulder to lean on, especially during heart breaks!

14. You both share the same interests and passion

You both have your hobbies in common so you know what exactly is to be done when you both are ideal!

Same Likings

15. You never want to stop learning from her

Even while she is cool and more happening than other Moms, you constantly wish to learn from her and be like her!

children learning gardening from their mother

16. She is “Your person”

Your mom being your best friend is exactly like you. She is your type and you are hers! You complement each other and carry it quite well.

Your person

17. She will be the first one to like and comment on all your posts on Facebook

She makes sure to like and comment on all your posts! If her like is missing on any of your posts, you make sure that she does it right away.

First to comment and post

18. She is the first one to know if something good happens

You call her up immediately when something good happens! She is the first one know it. Celebrations are nothing without her.

19. You want to follow her footsteps and be like her one day.

More than a mom, you want to become a person the way she is, beautiful inside out! Selfless, pure and cool at the same time.


20. You can’t imagine your life without her!

You cannot imagine your life without her. She is infact your life. Everything revolves around her.

Mom is life

21. Being her best friend too, you encourage her in all ways

Whether it be driving or making her pursue her hobby, you encourage her in all possible ways!

Best friend

22. She is your best cheerleader!

Why fear when she is here! She is the one who knows all of it. She knows how to cheer you up and is your best cheerleader.


23. You often get to hear things like, “How is your Mom so cool?”

You feel really proud of the fact that your mom is rare and different from others! She is your BEST FRIEND after all


So are you amongst the blessed ones?! Is your mom your best friend too? Find out with the help of these above points!

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