Doodling is a wonderful art. That one-hour boring lecture in a long stretch made us a doodler. You can’t just get up and leave, neither can you just sleep. In addition, you have to keep yourself engaged. On the other hand, the lecture is getting really boring. You finally took a pencil and scribbled something on paper absent-mindedly and voila! you’re a doodler. Why limit yourself to pen and paper only? to be stuck to 2D only? Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, here comes 3D-Doodling, literally giving a new dimension to your doodles.

3d doodling

What is 3D Doodler?

3D Doodler or a 3D Pen is nothing but a bit advanced glue gun. A glue gun with a colored stick and smaller outlet diameter. Innovated from 3D doodling, these doodlers are cheap and fun. 3D Doodlers are hand held 3D printing machines.

A hot plastic is pushed out of a nozzle that freezes quickly as it comes in contact with air and any shape can be draws given you know how to wave your hand in the air.

Not everything is black and white.

You doodled a flower. Petals are black. Leaves are black. The stem is black. Even Bee is black. Sucks!! doesn’t it?

Now with 3D Doodler, you can change the color of the stick to change doodle color. Leaves are green and petals are yellow. With a different color sticker set, you can give more colors to your imagination.

What can be imagined can be Doodled

3D Doodling brings Doodling up to a whole new level. Now with these harmless pens, even children can cast their imaginations into reality. Teachers can also doodle and help students visualize more accurately.

3D Doodled Eiffel tower

Remember those classes where chemistry teacher taught optical behavior of molecules and chirality and we all at that moment realized that next quiz will be screwed. Let’s hope now this small invention will make a large contribution in marks.. as well as in learning too.

Fun with learning 3D Doodling

While in the class room, teachers really have to struggle to get students give a perception of 3D. Well now with 3D doodling one can easily draw and help to grasp 3rd axis.

3D Doodling technology came first in 2013 and is definitely the future of Doodling. Because of its popularity, the company made $500,000 surpassing its initial target of $30,000. Now company 3DOODLER has raised about $2 Millions with 21,500 backers.

3D Doodled shoe

So, Grab a 3D doodling pen and take your Doodling to a different perspective. Think|Visualize|DOODLE.

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