5 Alternatives To Dropbox For Better Cloud Storage


Today, we can organize and access our files and folders from any part of the world. Such files are to be uploaded and stored on cloud storage. One of the most popular cloud storage services is “Dropbox”. Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage services available in the market regarding its simplicity and interface.

However, recently, it has experienced a significant loss in demand and criticism due to its low-security levels and privacy matters. One of the major drawbacks of Dropbox is it provides a mere 2 GB free space for cloud storage, where as other services offer as much as 10 times more space. Hence, it is important to consider other services which are more reliable in fields of security, performance, and efficiency.

So here are 5 Dropbox alternatives everyone should consider while looking for cloud storage services!

1. Google Drive

Google Drive

Since Google itself has developed this service, Google Drive is the best in terms of its consistency and performance. Offering 15 GB free space and premium plans of $10/month, it is one of the best alternatives for Dropbox. The best feature of Google Drive is that it can be combined with a wide variety of Google services like Gmail, Hangouts, etc. However, one key point to remember is that the 15 GB free space is basically shared between different Google services.

2. TeamDrive


This TeamDrive is a company in Germany, providing free cloud storage space of 2 GB. Also, it is possible to expand the storage to about 10 GB by inviting other people. It is easy to use and utilizes high-level encryption. So this makes it one of the most secure services to use. It is available for platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and iOS and is quite efficient for startups.

3. Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive

This service is created by Amazon. The Amazon Drive offers 5 GB free space for storage along with other premium plans. One of its many advantages is its simple user-friendly interface. This service can connect a total of 8 devices but the uploaded files cannot be made public. Hence this can be seen as an added advantage.

4. OneDrive

One Drive
One Drive

OneDrive is a Microsoft operated service supplying 5 GB free storage which can be extended by subscribing. This makes the service best for anyone who uses Word and Excel. The paid version of OneDrive gives access to Microsoft Office for free. Another interesting feature of OneDrive is that it displays a comparison sheet with other services. Before OneDrive, this service was known as SkyDrive.

5. Box


Since found in 2005, this service has been at the top of its game. This cloud storage service is for businesses and offers 10 GB free storage space. It is easy to integrate and suits well with third party apps. It is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android.

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