5 Apps Women Should Use


With the ever-growing technology, we challenge you to find something that there isn’t an app for. The creation of customized apps for different groups of society proves beneficial. The kids are captivated by their engrossing (sometimes annoying) games, while their parents easily clear their bills with just a couple of touches on their smartphones. Between these two groups, we see the good ol’ youngsters trying to up their social media game, absorbed in their phones constantly. But, as you would’ve guessed by the title, we will solely be discussing about apps women should use. Clearly, a plethora of apps to choose from but we have only so much storage to make use of all.

Here is a list of five amazing and useful apps women should use!

1. VithU

Apps women should use

Activated using the phone’s power button, it sends a customized message as such – “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.” to emergency contacts every two minutes with updated location. A top entrant in the list of female apps, VithU also provides you with tips to handle unfortunate situations smartly and bravely. Safety apps are a must.

2. Clue

Apps women should use

The Clue app is the world’s fastest growing apps for women’s health. It will help you prepare for your next period and understand your changes in mood. Added bonus, you don’t have to hide it in an unnamed folder as it has an acceptably ambiguous title.

3. Beautiful Me

Apps women should use

The name of the app doesn’t quite give much away but oh well, don’t we all like looking and feeling pretty and glam? Hence, we find ourselves always on the lookout for decent products. Well, this app’s got your back. It uses facial-recognition-like technology and instantly detects your skin tone and measures the changes in your features, makeup, or hair to suggest the best products for purchase.

4. Yummly

Apps women should use

Yummly, one of the best apps women should use, provides you with over a million recipes to replicate and experiment with but its strength lies with its search engine. It tailors searches to fit your specific needs and lifestyle. Going on a diet, but still want to enjoy a good burger? Yummly has got you covered. Have a particularly nasty food allergy you’d rather not deal with anytime soon? Yummly can adjust that as well.

5. Depop

Apps women should use

Depop is a mobile, social shopping app. It is the new way to shop. It is quite literally a thrift-shopping oasis, with all the charm and appeal of Etsy. Not only can you shop, you can sell anything and everything you feel doesn’t match your style anymore.

These are few of the best apps for girls!

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