5 Books That You Should Read If You Like “Gone Girl Book”


There is something captivating about Gone Girl Book. Whether it is the “cool girl” monologue, the well-developed characters, or the twists that you didn’t see coming, this Gone Girl book has something or the other to offer to most crime fiction lovers. Needless to say, it carved out its own niche in the world of fiction. It is hard to believe that it has been five years since it was published. Since then, a lot of books have been termed as “The new Gone Girl”, however, most of them have ended up disappointing. Although the books in this list aren’t exactly similar to Gone Girl book or even The Girl on The Train, if you enjoyed those books, you will definitely like some of the following:

1. You by Caroline Kepnes

gone girl

A beautiful, aspiring author meets a charming but obsessive bookstore owner. He stalks her on social media and meets her in a “chance encounter”, soon becoming the perfect boyfriend. Be it seduction or murder, he will go to any lengths to maintain the kind of relationship he wants.

The main character is witty, humorous and at the same time, a complete psychopath. The writing style is beautiful and quite entertaining.

2. In The Woods by Tana French

gone girl
Set in Ireland, this book follows Detective Rob who was found in the woods twenty years ago, with two of his friends missing. Now, he is keeping his past hidden and along with Detective Cassie, he is investigating an eerily similar case. But this time, there is a dead body.

This book is quite intriguing and the characters are drawn out very well. It is difficult to put down and the ending is very unconventional. It is the first book in the Dublin Murder Squad series, which is worth checking out. If you love Gone Girl book ,you will love this one too.

3. The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

gone girl

Inspired by Strangers on a Train (another favorite!), this book is about Ted and Lily, who meet on a flight. They start sharing details about their personal lives and when Ted says he wants to kill his wife, Lily agrees to help, for reasons of her own. This is just the beginning of a messed up story!

What follows is an intricate tale of deception and retribution. The twists are unpredictable and the characters are very complex. Even though Lily is disturbing, you will find yourself rooting for her sometimes.

4. The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison

gone girl

This book is about an unhealthy marriage between a serial cheater and his jealous wife. It is about the things one can do to get what they want, however chaotic the consequences are.

If you like Gone Girl book because of how messed up Nick and Amy’s relationship was, this is the perfect book for you. The pace is fast and it keeps you on the edge.

5. Dark Places and Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

gone girl

I know this is cheating, but how can a list about Gillian Flynn be complete without mentioning her other books? Dark Places is about Libby Day who was seven when her mother and sisters were murdered and her brother was arrested for the murders. Now she needs money and meets some crime enthusiasts to share her story. This prompts her to find out more about what happened all those years ago.

Sharp Objects is about a reporter who returns to her hometown to cover the murders of two preteens. However, there, she has to face her own demons, including her family. Rest assured, both these books are as good, if not better than Gone Girl book.

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