Got bored of your old clothes and planning to go shop?
Wait! I have got some super easy and interesting clothing hacks. And then, you are ready to flaunt yourself without spending too much money.

Got a backless top but don’t feel confident to wear it because of your ugly bra strap?

I have got a solution. Take your bra and cut its strap from both the ends. Take three broad sized elastic bands and fix it on the ends with a help of a glue. Then, you are ready to wear a backless top with a cool bra.

Use double sided tapes for shirts

Want to wear a shirt without those spaghetti’s top but can’t wear because of those large gaps in the button area.
Here’s a thing to the rescue-Use double sided tape on the gaps of the shirt. Believe me, it works.TRY IT!!

 Got an over sized baggy sweater or T-shirt accidentally?

If you got an over sized t-shirt or sweater, don’t throw it. You can wear it as a dress. For making it look perfectly fit and edgy just wear a cute belt over it and it will have a more classy look.

Jeans got tight?


clothing hacks

No problem! If your jeans got tight from your waist area and its difficult to close that fly. I have got the perfect and easy way to fix it.
Wrap around an elastic band on the button. Stretch the band from one end, take it inside the hole and wrap it again around the button. Your jeans will perfectly fit but use a long top to pair with those jeans. 🙂

Make long fancy fringes on your top!

If you got an old top and don’t want to wear it because it is way too simple. Don’t worry!
Cut down equal sized fringes at equal distances from the bottom of your top and it will turn into super sexy and stylish top. Pair it with shorts or jeans.


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