Schools and Colleges have reopened. Lives of students have already turned out busy. Being a student requires a lot of strength physically and mentally. And on to that, you have a lot of pressure to get good grades. Calculators, laptops and pen drives are electronics which we use almost daily as a part of our curriculum. But there are also a few others we suggest to all students to make your life simpler to some extent. Here’s a list of them:

1. Titan Note

There a chance that we may fall behind while taking notes. Some of the students also say that they failed to concentrate well on the class as they were busy in taking notes. Titan note is an efficient gadget which can help you get out of this problem. It is a small portable recorder that transforms the audio it hears into text. You can also use it as a power bank to charge your devices. So, the next time you go to a lecture, you can fully concentrate on what is being said.

2. Rocket wave Notebook

What if you can get a notebook with infinite pages? You can now carry a single notebook for all your notes instead of separate ones. Rocket wave notebook is a digital notebook. Whatever you write in this notebook will be stored in your program cloud accounts like Google Drive, Ever note etc. The transfer happens instantly. To achieve all this, all you need is an app, notebook and the digital pen which comes along with the notebook.

Rocket wave notebook


3. Slice Planner

Being a student requires a great deal of time management skills. Labs, Assignments, Tests, co circulars, extra circulars and what not! Nobody wants to miss out anything. Slice planner is a gadget which keeps your schedule organized.  It is a flexible device which connects a physical planner to a digital platform. All you need to do is to make a note of the task and the time in your physical planner. Slice Planner stores it into your cloud storage and notifies you when the time comes. It also notifies you if any conflict occurs between events.This way you’ll never miss anything again.

4. Tylt

It is just a stylish bag pack from outside, but from inside it is more of a battery pack. You can connect your devices to the cables provided and charge them on the go. It is well organized with many slots and no way looks like a mess with lots of cables running inside. Also, it has additional padding to provide additional security.


5. Think Ink Pen

Fidget spinners have gained a lot of craze lately. Most of us keep fidgeting around when we think. But we can’t take a fidget spinner to class or exam hall right?! Here is the last gadget of our list, Think Ink Pen is to your rescue. It provides you with a number of fidgeting ways to spin, twist and bend beside acting as a pen.

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