The world is abuzz with all the hype surrounding the remarkability and brilliance of the film that marks the end of a majestic era. Hollywood’s beloved, Hugh Jackman’s last stint as The Wolverine, Logan (The film) was an exemplary send off that he deserved. Likewise for the fans. Writers and fans all around the globe are engrossed in writing about the masterpiece so why don’t we at TNG jump on the bandwagon too?

Jackman’s 17 years of portraying Marvel’s cult Superhero (or Antihero?), The Wolverine have finally surceased and that too in the most majestic way. Somewhat catching in DC’s stride, ‘Logan’ is arguably Marvel’s darkest film yet. The film excels in depicting The Wolverine’s predicament of how he hates his gift of immortality because, every time he has to bear the suffering of losing his dearest. However, it was about time and he was plagued by something that rotted him and his powers from the inside. Realizing that he will soon die of his ailment he chose to embrace it and relieve himself of his agony and hence [SPOILER ALERT] died a legend. Now without further ado, the reasons Logan was the perfect farewell to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine:

1. Jackman’s enduring run as The Wolverine deserved a remarkable gesture of thankfulness; so it received

Hugh Jackman’s staggering 17 years since the first X-men movie has been an overwhelming ride for all but now seemed the perfect time to call it quits.The history is witness to the fact that all great things do come to an end. Like our fellow Ozymandias, Wolverine has too.

2. Logan finally got rid of his agony

It was always disheartening and pitiful to see him so desolated because of his gift of immortality that was more of a curse for him. He was ailing in Logan and knew that his end was near. Yet, he put in no effort to survive because he didn’t want to be saved. After the mishap of Charles’ death, He had nothing left to live for and death was his only way out. This was showcased so well in the movie, it was nothing less than perfection.

3. Plot for new films was getting slender; hence whatever that could be salvaged, had to be perfect. thus, culminating into the outstanding ‘Logan’

From what could be witnessed in The Wolverine in 2013, the plots were getting thinner and mediocre. It was evident that the end was near but then, it had to be extra ordinary. In 2013, Director James Mangold and Jackman discussed that the next movie will be their last in the franchise and agreed for it to be dark and concise. so they did and gifted us this exquisite souvenir of a film.

4. The father-daughter portray of Logan and Laura was Mesmerizing

Technically, Laura (played by Dafne Keen) was Logan’s daughter which he refused to accept. However by the end it was evident that they shared a bond which was adorable to witness. Her tearing and glooming at Logan’s death was a sentiment shared by the viewers. The portrayal of their relationship was celestial and delightful.

5. The Action was downright impeccable

Unlike the other X-Men or Wolverine films, Logan was barbaric. The bold and cold blooded action, the merciless kills and the relentless fights was something never seen before deadpool. Logan however, took this to a whole other level and each second of an action sequence was breathtakingly nail-biting.

So, here’s why Logan was the perfect farewell to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine!

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