7 things only a single child can relate to


The lone wolf !!!! Yes, this is what being a single child feels like. You’re one of your kind. No companion, no competition and no struggle. Here are 7 things which I would like to share, hoping every single child can relate to…

1. We are tired up explaining

People consider you like a typical spoiled brat which of course most of us are not. Like why is it hard to understand that we don’t belong to 80’s era where the parents used to spend all they had on an useless demand?

single child

2. Don’t you get bored being alone

This is another thing which we all have grown up hearing. Why don’t these people try to understand that we’ve had friends and gadgets to get our time passed. And moreover we are kids of really cool parents who are no less than a cool group of friends. So no! we being alone has never been boring for us.

single child

3. We play safe

Yes we play safe, we grew up with no sibling so we were never exposed to conflicts which means we’re a bit afraid conflicts therefore we naturally avoid or stay away from peer conflicts.

single child

4. We love family functions

Yes we love family functions. Be it any festival or any marriage or any function, we wait for them with open hearts. Reason being, it is the only time we get to see our cousins and share that “sibling bond”.

single child

5. If not you, then who will

Yes this is the most stereotypical statement which all of us have listened from our parents. Being a single child it becomes so obvious that you have to get up to your parents expectations which at times do become a pressure. But at the end of the day you have to understand that “if not we then who”.

single child

6. We don’t really like sharing

We don’t really believe in sharing is caring. Undoubtedly, what’s ours should remain ours.

single child

7. We’re a little more possessive about our parents

We love them to the most and we don’t really like when they shower their affection on our cousins. Can’t help it but we do get jealous.

single child

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