7 Times Tumblr was uplifting and positive AF!


Tumblr is renowned for its barrage of raging fan girls, crazy fandoms, and oddly imaginative fanfics. It hits all the notes of ‘hyperactivity’ during the day and bemuses one and all.

However, that’s not all it’s confined to and sometimes it can be surprisingly positive and supportive in its own peculiar ways.

Here are a few notes and images from the gallery of Tumblr to help put a smile on that beautiful face.

1. If you think you’re not being thought of somewhere, you actually are!

If you think you're not being thought of somewhere, you actually are!

Don’t you just gush with happiness when someone tells you that they were thinking of you while watching that hilariously adorable pup video on Instagram? Because it’s a huge deal for many of us when a Popper’s enthused happiness and wonderment at the smallest of things is related with ours.

2. ‘Beauty’ in a dog’s world

'Beauty' in a dog's world

It simply makes you feel like you are on the top of the world when our neighbor’s dog FINALLY gives in and comes rushing at you. That lapping tongue and those flappy ears coupled with new found excitement and joy can make you go weak in knees. It’s time to shrug off the stares and let that beautiful dog lick your face!

3. Learn to accept the gorgeous flaws in you

Learn to accept the gorgeous flaws in you

You may not look like the most popular girl in your school.It may not have the most perfectly straight hair or those strikingly elemental ombre shades in your locks. You may not have the roundest lips or the most curvaceous figure. But those women lack what you’re brimming up to the top with. That’s right. AWESOMENESS. You’re awesome. You don’t have to conform to the idealistic standards of beauty forged by society. Be your own kind of beautiful.

4. Piece their heart with a piece of yours

The world can be made a better place if all of us pledged with ourselves to keep happiness and kindness afloat. Your generosity, concern, and compassion can turn 🙁 into this 🙂 and it may be all they’ve wanted for themselves. The littlest of gestures bring joy to people.

5. You’re worth everything

You're worth everything

As spectacular as a newly formed nebula in the night sky. You’re as inexplicably magical as Starburst. You are valuable. It’s not important for you to be a CEO or some VIP to be considered of some value to human kind. You’re you and that’s all you must be. Your dog needs you, you SO need you, your parents need you. It’s time for you to go home and revel in the simple magnificence of your existence.

6. A little word of encouragement goes a long way

A little word of encouragement goes a long way

Do you remember those days from Kindergarten when your teacher would yell at you for not staying within the lines while filling in complicated shapes and figures? Do you remember feeling humiliated and worthless? Also, do you remember returning home and showing that insulting F grade to your man and the warm embrace she would pull you in? YES. That feeling of acceptance and encouragement was all we ever need. She would then proceed to teach you, point out your mistakes in an endearing way and help you grow to like the tender seedling you were. That’s all we ever needed!

7. Humble forever

Humble forever

Never forget your place in the world and how you have reached where you are today. It all started because of our parents and the sacrifices they made for us, just so we could have super expensive Beyblades and Barbie dolls to play with. They’ve potty trained us, cleaned up our mess on several occasions, wiped away our tears and drool and fed our stubborn, annoying mouths. They’ve been to Hell and back for us. We must acknowledge that and return the favor. They may not well verse with the complexities of today’s technical era. But their experiences with the hardships of a life well transcend our best imaginations.

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