The Russians’ most celebrated gift to the mankind, Vodka is undeniably the life of all parties and clubhouses around the globe. Be it a mellow-core friends gathering, partying to kick-off some steam at the weekends, or to trigger some hooves at the dance floors, Vodka has always been a reliable companion. As indebted to the euphoria as we are after devouring the heavenly drink, did you know that there are some additional benefits of Vodka other than just chugging down shots?

And if there is  question in your mind that Is Vodka bad for health ,then this article will give you a plausible answer.

Undermentioned is a list of 10 additional benefits of Vodka.

 #1 Treat Dandruff:

If you’re disgruntled by the ineffectiveness of your so called “Anti-Dandruff” shampoo, try the Vodka remedy for a change. Rinsing with vodka after shampoo and conditioner can help clear away any product build-up and flakes. So instead of spending on anti-dandruff shampoos, try vodka once for all and you will know the additional benefits of Vodka by yourself.

additional benefits of Vodka

 #2 Remove odor from feet and shoes:

After long tiring hours at work or sessions of vigorous outdoor activities, your feet are bound to sweat and smell unpleasant. Well, here’s how Vodka comes to your rescue. Soak a washcloth in vodka and rub them on your feet. The vodka is an antiseptic and will destroy any fungus or bacteria, and will dry odorless. For shoes, you may mix vodka with water in spray bottle and sprinkle it inside your shoes. The vodka will get rid of odor-causing bacteria and the smell will disappear once they’re dry. This is probably one of the best additional benefits of Vodka that we all need.

additional benefits of Vodka

 #3 Remove tarnish from jewelry:

Weary of wearing your old and tarnished jewelry outdoors? Vodka showers its gifts again. Soak silver jewelry or gemstones in vodka to leave them sparkling. You can also pour vodka on a clean cloth to wipe dirt or tarnish from jewels by hand. Finish by buffing with a clean rag. Isn’t it one of the life changing additional benefits of Vodka? For some it surely is.

additional benefits of Vodka

#4 Stain Remover:

Atleast once, we have all cussed randomly at the stubborn stains on our favorite clothes. So again, our favorite Russian companion might be of some use. Vodka can be used as a stain remover for ink, lipstick, grass and other oil-based stains. Soak the area in vodka, rubbing with a clean toothbrush to dislodge grime if necessary, before rinsing thoroughly and throwing the item in with the regular wash. This is surely one of the best live saving additional benefits of Vodka.

additional benefits of Vodka

 #5 DIY Room Freshener:

On no.5 in our list of additional benefits of  Vodka is the solution to every problem and that is a good fragrance. This might be like,a 10th alternative but still has to count right? So here’s how vodka can freshen up your sleep station. Since vodka’s odor disappears as it dries, combine high-proof vodka, water and essential oils in a spray bottle for an easy DIY Febreze. 

additional benefits of Vodka

#6 Deodorize Clothes:

All out of your beloved deodorant and too lazy to head to the store? Well, newsflash: You gotta fetch that Vodka from your closet and freshen up your clothes. here’s how: Use a spray bottle and mist vodka on clothes. Hang to dry in a well-ventilated area. The vodka will kill the bacteria and doesn’t leave a scent as it dries. Just make sure to spot test first.

additional benefits of Vodka

 #7 Make Candy-infused Vodka:

Relive the taste of the savory childhood candies with an adult twist. Sounds mouth watering, doesn’t it? Skittles , Jolly Ranchers , and Starbursts can all be transformed into candy-infused vodka in a few simple steps. Sort the candy by type, soak in the vodka, filter with a coffee filter (multiple times if necessary), and bottle.

additional benefits of vodka

 #8 Insect Repellent:

The return of the summer season brings with it, the return of all those execrable insects we loath at every sight. Especially the Mosquitoes. Here’s how you can effectively prepare a repellent lotion at home. Essential oils mixed with vodka will work well as bug repellents. Add 1/8 cup of vodka with 1/8 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1/8 cup of water, and 80 drops of mixed essential oils like eucalyptus, lemons, peppermint, lemon, cinnamon, or cloves. Shake well and apply often.

additional benefits of Vodka

#9 DIY Eye Packs:

Soak makeup sponges in vodka and water before freezing in plastic wrap. The vodka will prevent the sponges from freezing completely and will make easy DIY cold eye packs for under the eye.

additional benefits of vodka

#10 Disinfect razors and keep them sharp:

Last but not the least in our list of additional benefits of vodka is the easiest way to disinfect razors. By placing your razor in a cup of vodka, it will disinfect the razor and keep it from rusting. Make sure to rinse before use.

additional benefits of vodka

Have you got more interesting suggestions for interesting stuff to do with vodka in our article regarding additional benefits of Vodka? Let us know in the comments!

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