And finally, amazon has come up with the much-anticipated software Amazon Rekognition. This software makes it easy to analyse the images. Rekognition provides you with the facility of detection of faces, scenes and objects. And also enables you to compare faces in your pictures.

amazon rekognition

Features of Amazon Rekognition

After putting the features that this software provides, in a list we get the following four main elements:

  1. Facial analysis: Rekognition provides a facility to detect what are the faces emoting in a particular picture. For example, it will tell you that you are happy by what percentage in your image or by what percentage you have opened your eyes, etc.
  2. Object and scene detection: This software recognises objects like pets or furniture or vehicle etc. And can also detect whether the scene is indoors or outdoors or whether it is a sunrise or a sunset.
  3. Face comparison: This feature tells you whether or not the two pictures that you have sent for analysis are the same person i.e. to what extent they are similar. Again this is measured in percentage.
  4. Face recognition: Rekognition helps you detect that how many times a particular image appears in the collection of pictures that you have sent for analysis.

amazon rekognition

This new software has been developed to know your exact age in addition to your gender. Apart from just the age and gender this software also tells about your face expressions and whether at all you have a face or not.


Amazon Rekognition charges you only for the images that it analyses and the face metadata that you store. This software does not ensure any minimum fees or any upfront commitment. But you can get started for free and save more as you grow with the model.

To use the new amazon software you need not have an expertise or need to be tech savvy because it is very easy to operate.

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