Artificial Intelligence Future


One often hears about how Artificial Intelligence is the emerging thing and what about artificial intelligence future. This is the field of computer science which might comprise our future, not in all but most of the ways. We also have a tendency to relate artificial intelligence to robots we see on television. We see them performing human tasks and sometimes even outsmarting humans in deadly wars against mankind. However, Artificial Intelligence is much more than this cinematic point of view and artificial intelligence future is surely the brightest one.

But then what exactly is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science that deals with the creation of intelligent machines. This field is mainly based upon solving problems by programming for certain characteristics like reasoning, problem-solving, learning and implementation, perception, ability to move and manipulate objects, planning and communication.

However, what we mainly experience nowadays is narrow AI. This type of AI focuses on performing a single narrow task as a solution to one problem like facial or speech recognition. This is basically AI without consciousness. But when referring to the kind of AI where a machine might outperform a human, it is termed as true AI. This type of AI is at its initial stage of discovery with a goal to develop artificial intelligence such that a machine is intellectually comparable to a human in its functionality.

Knowing what AI is all about, makes one all the more curious about what future has in store for this fascinating and evolving subject of technology.  So get ready to feed your curiosity as we bring some of the ways in which AI might affect us in the future.

1.Automated Transportation

artificial intelligence future: Self diving car

Self-driving transportation systems might govern our future. This will require artificial intelligence so that the vehicle can easily steer through the roads and recognise traffic rules. The concept has been tried to implement. However only till the limit of self-driving cars which still require a driver to be present for safety. There have been exciting developments in this area, however, there is time before we see the transformation of this idea. Waymo, an autonomous car development company has equipped many cars with self-driving equipment. It was formerly a part of Google which had been working on the self-driving car project since 2009.

2.Solving Climate Change

artificial intelligence future: solving climate change

Another answer to Artificial Intelligence future is, it would enable machines to have access to unbelievable amounts of data and statistics. It would thus be able to point out various patterns related to climate changes and various factors affecting it. By using this information these intelligent machines could come up with solutions to various problems of any kind.

3.Humans might be the future Cyborgs

artificial intelligence future: humans become cyborgs

In the future, we may see an integration of humans and computers as one cognitive unit, namely cyborgs. This would enhance our natural abilities. It would also allow us to control our physical surroundings mainly our body, making us powerful than we are today. Not only this but AI might also turn us into superhumans. Thomas Dietterich, the President of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence believes that this might be possible. He states “I hope that exoskeletons will allow me to walk when I am old and feeble. I hope that I can retain my sense of hearing and sight even as my eyes and ears fail.”.

4.Exploring new worlds will become easier and faster

artificial intelligence future: Robot cars

Robotics as a field of Artificial Intelligence will open gateways to exploration. Be it the undiscovered depths of the ocean or the unexplored vastness of space, it will transform our lives. It will make way to smarter technologies like robot cars which would make it easier to explore. This is the artificial intelligence future and it will happen.

  5. Friendly Interaction between humans and robots

artificial intelligence future: humans and robots friendly interaction

With robotics making its way into our lives, it might also become possible that we would have friends as robots. Robots could be designed in a way that might make us relate to them. These could also be used to take care of the elderly and serve as companions to many.

6.Improved medical care

Improved medical care is another addition artificial intelligence future. With an access to clinical studies and detailed medical records, it would become easier to have reformed and improved methods of medical care. Using the concept of machine learning it would become possible to point out the best suitable mode of treatment for a particular set of symptoms or disease.

Through this it is a conformity that Artificial intelligence future is sure a brighter and a better one.

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