What could a man do for his/her best friends wedding? He could give him/her a mega bachelorette party or plan him/her a romantic honeymoon. But let me take you to a whole new level of friendship and gifts! Excited? This is definitely going to give you friendship goals. An astronaut takes Couple’s Wedding Rings To Space.

You heard that right. Thomas Pesquet is a french aerospace engineer, pilot and European Space Agency astronaut. Additionally, Thomas Pesquet’s two closest friends are getting married this summer, he took their wedding rings on his mission to the international Space Station. He was allowed to take 1.5 kg of personal items with him to the International space station where he has been since November. Interestingly, he brought along some very special cargo for his six month stay at ISS: a pair of wedding rings. However, these rings are not related to Pesquet’s romantic life. But, they are related to two of his friends who are getting married this summer.

Why did he take their wedding rings?

Pesquet decided to take his friends weddings at stratospheric level. The two rings are floating in the orbit with him. He is on his mission Expedition 51 and is orbiting in space for 127 days and this is his gift to his friends.

astronaut takes couple's wedding rings to space

He posted this picture on sunday! We don’t know who this lucky couple is but can surely say they deserve a gift like this. Two rings floating together in the vast universe just resembles two souls meant to be together.

The astronaut takes couple’s wedding rings to space and tweeted that he would be back before their marriage. Well, he has to be! How are they supposed to marry if their rings are floating in the space! :p This is the best gift a friend could have given to his friends on their wedding.

Wedding rings from space!! A grand romantic gesture!!

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