(Beautiful Abandoned Places In India) India is a land of mysteriously beautiful places hidden under the guise of abandonment. While ‘Old is the new gold’, why not explore the towns once inhabited by civilization, historical ruins that talks of mysterious stories and abandoned places that are still architectural marvels!

So, check out the list of the most beautiful yet abandoned places in India.

1. Ross Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

A still from Ross Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

One of the most famous and beautiful islands in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands near Port Blair, Ross Island was moreover abandoned after the 1941 earthquake which forces the British colonists to shift their Andaman headquarters. Myriad of tourists visit this Island for the mysterious buildings from the British era and the beautiful ruins of what once a flourishing city that boasted of every modern amenity possible. Read more about Ross Island.

2. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

A still from Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

This fort has been regarded as one of the most haunted places in India and consequently has attained an air of abandonment. Situated 84 kms away from Alwar, myths related to this haunted fort are sure to give you a real jolt but the historical ruins and stunning frescoes of the fort are a wonder to look at. Surrounded by beautiful hills, Bhangarh is a must visit place for tourists. Read more about Bhangarh Fort.

3. Kuldhara

A still from Kuldhara

A beautiful ruin with a lovely, if slightly creepy history! An abandoned village near Jaisalmer, Kuldhara has become a popular tourist destination and enable by the Archaeological Survey of India as a heritage site. The people of the town mysteriously disappeared around 300 years ago and that they left behind a curse of death to anyone who tried to inhabit it. Read more about Kuldhara.

4. Chiktan Khar, Ladakh

A still from Chiktan Khar, Ladakh

Chiktan khar is one of the most beautiful and abandoned places in India. One of the finest places in all Ladakh, Chiktan is a grand old castle situated right on top of an isolated mountain. Now abandoned and in ruins, the palace was one of the masterpieces of Ladakh and Tibetan Architecture. It had an underground tunnel for taking water to the palace from the spring located in the foothills and also a rotating room which rotated with blowing air. The castle holds an important symbol of shared history and culture in the region. It is moreover like the Indian version of Dracula’s Lair. Read more about Chiktan Khar.

5. Gandikota Fort, Andhra Pradesh

A still from Gandikota Fort, Andhra Pradesh

Anyone who has ever felt the constricted by the office cubicle, this is the place for you! Gandikota in Andhra Pradesh is a wide open area which runs as a huge course of cliffs and rivers. India’s very own Grand Canyon formed between Gandikota and the river Pennar is a visual treat of paradise! Read more about Gandikota.

6. Dhanushkodi

A still from Dhanushkodi

Situated on Pamban Island, Dhanushkodi is a lost land vanish by a 1964 cyclone. The place holds religious significance as the Ram Setu bridge from Ramayana existed here. Once a thriving tourist spot, the big wave destroyed everything from temples to roads leaving no signs of life. Famous for its beautiful beach, it is also one of the ghost towns of India. Read more about Dhanushkodi.

7. Sanjay Van, Delhi

A still from Sanjay Van, Delhi

An eerily forested area adjoining Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Sanjay Van has a long list of creepy stories. Most thickly wooded areas of the city’s green lungs, the green wonderland, and the mystic charm are sure to make you fall in love with the place. It’s a must-visit for all the nature enthusiasts as it counts in one of the most beautiful abandoned places in India. Read more about Sanjay Van.

8. Unakoti, Tripura

A still from Unakoti, Tripura

Unakoti is the unique place with hundreds of giant rock-cut structures and idols of Lord Shiva, some even made out of sandstone amidst the scattered ruins of an ancient empire. It is believed that the place is cursed by Lord Shiva. Unknown to the tourists, the place is one of the beautiful abandoned places in India. Read more about Unakoti.

9. Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

A still from Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

An abandoned beautiful hillside, filled with lilies smiling blissfully at you, Dzukou Valley in Karnataka is true heaven descend on earth. A complete underpopulated locale about five hours from Kohima, lies this stunning natural beauty. Read more about Dzükou Valley.

10. Hampi, Vijayanagara

A still from Hampi, Vijayanagara

Famous for beautiful temple architecture and surreal rock terrain, Vijayanagara situates in the Bellari district of Northern Karnataka. It is a beautiful ruin capital city of the erstwhile Vijayanagara Empire which is moreover now a famous world heritage site. Read more about Hampi.

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