beautiful female ceos

Yes, beauty and brains is not a myth. There are women who win hearts by being sexy and successful at the same time. These women have put in their heart and soul in establishing big companies on their own. Go through the list to know the most beautiful female CEOs:

1. Hilary Rowland

beautiful female ceos

Hilary is a Canadian entrepreneur was 15 years old when she developed a portfolio website, She also founded North America’s premier online magazine named Urbanette Magazine in 1995. In 2010, she started the Project Migration, an apparel designing eco-factory in Africa that is run by women. She has successfully made her way to the top of our list of most beautiful female CEOs.

2. Marissa Mayer

beautiful female ceos

This 37-year old Stanford graduate is an IT executive and currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at Yahoo!. She has also been a spokesperson for Google. Consequently, she earns a whopping amount of $300 Million annually.

3. Jennifer Hyman

beautiful female ceos

Hyman heads Rent the Runway (a rental website for designer dresses and accessories). This Harvard University graduate is the CEO of a company having 250 employees and 4 million members. She was also a head at and worked at Starwood Hotels and Resorts.

4. Tory Burch

beautiful female ceos

Tory Burch, CEO of Tory Burch foundation, a chain of retail stores featuring a wide variety of fashion. Graduated from University of Pennsylvania, Burch is also a fashion designer and a humanitarian. Consequently, she has been ranked 73 in the list of Most Powerful Women by Forbes magazine.

5. Leslie Blodgett

beautiful female ceos

CEO of bareMinerals cosmetic brand, Leslie has been working since the age of 10. Her first real job was at Mcdonald’s. As a young girl, she started growing a love for beauty products and makeup. Ever since her position as CEO in 1994, bareMinerals has come a long way. It has over 2200 employees and 130 boutiques in USA and UK.

6. Victoria Ransom

beautiful female ceos

Victoria is a developer of 3 companies including Wildfire Interactive. Google acquired Wildfire Interactive for $250 Million. Moreover, she has been recognized as Fortune’s most powerful women entrepreneurs. She was also awarded “Champion of Change” award by Barack Obama in 2013.

7. Dylan Lauren

beautiful female ceos

Dylan is the CEO of Dylan’s candy bar. Dylan’s candy bar claims to be the world’s largest candy store. Inspired by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, this Duke graduate founded the candy company in 2001.

8. Jesse Draper

beautiful female ceos

Jesse is a 27-year old woman with multiple talents. Furthermore, she is also a producer, actor and a talk show host. Additionally, she is also the founder of Valley Girl Inc that support the women entrepreneurs in America.

“Behind every man there’s a successful woman and behind every successful woman, there’s dedication and passion.”

All these women are true icons of “beauty with brains”. These beautiful female CEOs are rich, powerful and confident. Exactly what the world needs! 🙂

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