(How to be nice 101) Being nice to someone doesn’t translate to ‘taking pity on them’.

Being nice to someone isn’t your weakness; it’s your biggest strength.

Being nice to a waiter when he spills food over your white dress and letting it pass will probably save him from losing his job and earn you brownie points.

Being nice to a blind man and helping him cross a bustling road will make that helpless man beam with happiness.

So, isn’t it NICE to be NICE, after all?

Let’s see what the comic artist Q-Rais has to say about being nice through his loveable illustrations and simple messages.

1. Learn to Adjust

Learn to Adjust

If you’re a tall human being and are at the movies, it may disrupt the viewing pleasure of that patron sitting right behind you. Either consider switching seats with them or slide down a little.

2. Learn to Care

learn to care

If you have been keeping count of the number of drinks your buddy has gulped down at the bar, try talking them out of their ‘nth’ drink and not force it upon them just to pass it off as ‘YOLO’. NO. NO YOLO. It can have serious consequences for their health and safety. There’s nothing ADVENTUROUS about being DANGEROUS.

3. Learn to Serve

Learn to Serve

If your Amazon Prime package has just arrived and the sun is beating hard on all of humanity that white-hot afternoon, it’s probably a good idea to offer a refreshment or drink to the deliverer, just because. No reason. They need it and you know it.

4. Learn to be Considerate

Learn to be Considerate

Sometimes life works in mischievous ways and the news comes to you in terribly small envelopes at the post-0ffice. It can be perplexing and heart-breaking. However, it does feel a little reassuring when a well-wisher stands by you through your times of dire straits.

5. Learn to extend a helping hand

Learn to extend a helping hand

Growing up, didn’t you hate it when your cricket ball would fly over the fence and get stuck up on the roof of Mr. Grumpy’s Haunted Villa? How much easier would it have been if he had just allowed you to rush upstairs and retrieve it? Isn’t it?

6. Learn to show compassion

Learn to show compassion

If you’ve been sitting on your seat in the subway for a long duration and see someone weary and forlorn standing uncomfortably with numerous items in their hand, consider getting up for them for a little while and circulate. Everyone needs a break.

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