Beers are available in different types, known by various names; their distinct colors in different parts of the world. For example, called as ales in Canada, where again they have numerous other varieties such as bitter ales, mild ales or abbey ales. In Germany, known as lagers and other countries know them as malts, ports or stouts. (Best beer brands in the world).

So, here is a list of 7 best beer brands in the world:

 #1 Grassroots Brother Soigné (Hill Farmstead)

7 best beer brands in the world

With a mix of lime , hibiscus, and blood orange, this saison is  a tart , refreshing, and expertly fermented by Hill Farmstead Brewing company in Greensboro, Vermont. This brew is well carbonated with a medium body.

 #2 Citra Single Hop Pale Ale (Hill Farmstead)

7 best beer brands in the world

A relaxing day calls for the company of family or friends and good food. But not a single hangout session is complete without having a sip of beer. Beer is just perfect for lightening up any sort of mood. You may not get that high on having a couple of beers but still, the relaxing feel it provides makes us crave for more.

#3 Wisconsin Belgian Red (New Glarus)

7 best beer brands in the world

This beer is considered to be one of the 7 best beer brands in the world. The Door County Cherries grant the heavenly taste to this premium beer. Over a pound of cherries; used to make each bottle of the Wisconsin Belgian Red beer. The ruby red highly carbonated beer; specially made in Wisconsin thus, getting its name.

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#4 Grassroots Legitimacy (Hill Farmstead)

7 best beer brands in the worldThe citrusy flavour made by using ingredients from the Pacific Northwest, the Indian pale ale is a speciality of Hill Farmstead. With malted barley and oat of two rows, the Grassroots Legitimacy is a legend in itself.

#5 Susan (Hill Farmstead)

7 best beer brands in the worldAnother magical creation coming from the Hill Farmstead, the grassy and citrusy taste of Susan will make your order one more bottle. It has 6.2% ABV and the after taste is one of a kind.

#6 Gose Gone Wild (Stillwater Artisanal Ales)

7 best beer brands in the worldA German style sour wheat ale is based on the Westbrook brewing gose. The massive dose of Citra and Amarillo helps adds a special flavor to the super smooth beer. Moreover, it is also one of the 7 best beer brands in the world. Furthermore, 4.3% of alcohol content is prepared by fermentation of Brettanomyces yeast, delivering a juicy and hoppy flavour.

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#7 Heineken

7 best beer brands in the worldHeineken International brews and sells over 170 beers, and is known for the slogan of their flagship beer, “Heineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach.” Heineken is popular across all the pubs in India. Only 3/10 beer drinkers in India can spell the brand correctly but that doesn’t undermine its popularity and consumption.

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