Best Educational Websites On The Internet


This era is an era of technology and knowledge. It requires one to be the best. The one who is au courant with the matters of knowledge will survive while the others will perish away. So, to help you all with your daily educational woes, we present you with the best educational websites to help you out in times of distress. Apart from the useful websites for students, these websites are there for anyone who wishes to learn and gain knowledge!

Here’s a list of best educational websites for you to browse!

1. Khan Academy

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Started by Salman “Sal” Khan just to teach his cousin struggling in Mathematics, his video lectures became an instant hit and now even Bill Gates uses Khan Academy to teach his children. Thus, becoming one of the best educational websites on the internet. Khan Academy has now moved to almost all topics pertinent to academics, from cryptography to Physics; from Biology to History; from Economics to Art, everything you want is there on Khan Academy.



One of the best educational websites in the world to get your homework problems solved for free is This website has a large number of benevolent members who want to help students struggling in Science. You can just take the snap of your homework and put on Socratic and wait for an answer that might come in a mere five to six minutes.

3. Quantum Mechanics

A brainchild of highly esteemed individuals such as MIT graduates, IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) medalists, is the best go-to resource when it comes to Science. Its “out-of-box” genuine questions and a great community of Mathematics and Science enthusiasts make it one of the best educational websites. Moreover, its paid subscription is even more wonderful and has great content to learn from.

4. edX

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Started as a common not-for-profit venture of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the best educational websites, edX provides MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses). Students can get certificates from the biggest universities around the world for free by just enrolling in any course and completing the assignments. Though started with only two universities, now it hosts courses from more than 70 schools. edX provides more than 1270 courses and has an active student base of around 10 million curious students.

5. Coursera


Coursera is just like edX but unlike edX, it’s for-profit. Though it gives you the opportunity to audit any course for free, to gain a certificate a certain amount has to be paid. As of October 2018, one of the best educational websites, Coursera had more than 28 million students. They have around 2000 courses from various esteemed universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, University of California, Berkeley and many others.

6. Stack Exchange

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Stack Exchange network has now a separate website dedicated to almost every field of study, from linguistics to literature; from Mathematics to Biology; from Workplace discussion to Travel and Tourism. Highly learned altruist people are on the website that gives your answers for free. In fact, the users themselves maintain the Stack exchange. You can ask question and edit questions. A question can be from high school Maths to research Physics. Many of the members of the network are indeed highly esteemed researchers. Above all, it is absolutely free. Therefore, stack exchange is one of the best educational websites on the internet today!

So, whenever any topic in Biology, Chemistry, History or Arts seems impenetrable, log on to these best educational websites and triumph all your doubts.

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