(Best International Reality Shows) We humans have a special habit of peeping into others life. What’s happening in the life of our neighbors, friends, relatives and even watchman, maid, washerman, is more important part of our current affairs knowledge. Perhaps, that’s why social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are so popular. Basically, peeping into others’ lives has always been a source of entertainment. This nature in us has evolved to a great extent.

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So, let us see the best international reality shows that peeped into the life of celebs!

1. Big brother

Big Brother

“Big boss chahte hain ki” – most of the Indian audience are familiar with this phrase and the show is nonother than Big Boss hosted by Salman Khan which is an Indian version of UK based reality show Big brother started in 2000. In the show, 15-20 celebrities live in a house under the eye of cameras 24×7. The fights, love affairs, challenges etc of celebrities give a perfect blast of entertainment not only to Indian audience but to the audience of other parts of the world with their own version of the show. Big brother is thus one of the best international reality shows, which gives a glimpse of the bunch of celebrities in an entertaining way.

2. I’m a celebrity

I'm a celebrity

I’m a celebrity get me out of here is a UK T.V series in which celebrities have to survive in a Jungle and perform tasks. Though this series became quite popular in other countries, the Indian version of the show called ‘ Is Jungle se mujhe Bachao’ didn’t gain much popularity. However, the audience from other parts of the world really enjoyed watching celebs living life like tribal people of Jungle. Because of its peculiar concept, it became one of the best international reality shows ever!

3. The Simple Life

The simple life

You’ve seen celebs in a locked room home, celebs struggling in Jungle but as we all know that there’s no end of Creativity. Thus giving a twist to the concept of celebs-reality-camera, a show called ‘The Simple Life’ was aired on Dec 2, 2003. In the show Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie leave their celebrity status and luxury life for a month and do domestic and low wage jobs like cleaning room, farm work, serving meals etc.

4. Total Divas

Total Divas

WWE – a name that really connects us to our childhood. We all have a lot of memories attached to these three letters together i.e. WWE. Keeping in mind the popularity of the WWE wrestlers, a show called Total Divas was started in 2013. This show allowed viewers to peep into lives of female WWE wrestlers both personal and professional. The show is soon coming with its sixth season. The show has reached 94% likes on Google and is really a must watch for WWE fans. Thus becoming one of the best international reality shows.

5. Keeping up with Kardashians

Keeping up with the Kardashians

One of the longest-running celebrity reality shows that allowed the audience to peep into personal and professional lives of Kardashians family. It was first aired on October 14, 2007, and the 14th season will be coming soon this year. The show has got highly negative reviews from critics who also acclaim it to be scripted but even though it has received loads of love from the audience and also a large number of viewer’s choice awards.

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