Opera houses are one of the most culturally important and impressive architectural wonders in the world. They have more than thousand seats and host operas, theaters, ballets and many other excellent art forms. The expansion of television, cinema and internet, could not control the popularity of best opera houses in the world.

They are very popular tourist attractions. Also, you can visit many of them without even buying the tickets for the captivating performances.

So, let’s make a trip around some of the best opera houses in the world!

  La Scala (Milan, Italy)

best opera houses: la scala
La Scala

Standing at no. 1 in the list of best opera houses in the worls is Milan’s Teatro alla Scala, or La Scala’s that was opened in 1778. It is best known for its debut performance of “Europa riconosciuta” by Antonio Salieri. Architect Giuseppe Piermarini designed it in the neoclassical style. He began the opera’s history through a collection of paintings, costumes and drafts in its museum which is now one of the best opera houses.

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 Royal Opera House Muscat (Oman)

best opera houses: royal opera house
Royal Opera House Muscat

At no. 2 in the list of best opera houses in the world is The Royal Opera House in Muscat. It was built on the orders of Sultan Qaboos of Oman. Completed in 2011, it shows the magnificent Omani architecture. Originally called “House of Musical Arts” which later changed. It has observed remarkable performances by world’s famous cellist Yo Yo Ma, The American Ballet theatre, Swan Lake by Mariinsky Ballet etc. This opera house built by Carillion Alawi and went on to become the first in the world to be prepared with Radio Marconi’s multimedia interactive display seat back system.

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 Semper Opera House (Dresden, Germany)

best opera houses: semper opera house
Semper Opera House

Standing on no. 3 in our list of best opera houses in the world is the Semperoper or Semper Opera House’s, opened in 1841 and built by the architect Gottfried Semper. The building includes three different styles: early Renaissance and Baroque with Corinthian style pillars. However, the destruction of this building took place two times, by a disturbing fire in 1869 and later by the Allied air attacks in 1945. But later, it was rebuilt both times in Neo-Renaissance style. It reopened probably forty years after its destruction. Thus, this Opera House is truly regal in its fully restored affluence.

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 Hungarian State Opera House (Budapest, Hungary)

best opera houses: hungarian state opera
Hungarian State Opera

At no.4 is one of the best opera houses in world ; built in 1875 and designed by Miklos Ybl. This neo-Renaissance Opera House has a huge chandelier made in bronze. It is the second largest opera house in Budapest as well as Hungary. In addition, its rich decoration and fine architecture is beyond comparison. Moreover, the expensive plays, operas and ballets have gained the Opera House excellent status around the world.

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 Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia)

best opera houses: sydney opera house
Sydney Opera House

Last but not the least in our list of best opera houses in the world is The Sydney Opera House which  is city’s most famous landmark. It is one of the best opera houses which is a multi-venue performing art centers in the world. Founded in 1978 and designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon. Furthermore, UNESCO accepted this opera house as World Heritage Site in 2007. Moreover, its five theaters host performances by the Sydney Opera, the Sydney Dance Company, the Australian Ballet, and Opera Australia. The white roof structure is shells. As a result, you can experience it from all sides of Sydney harbor.

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