Bra Toss Challenge By Superwoman


You guys must be thinking what in the world is ‘Bra toss challenge’? Let me take you through this.
Lilly Singh, a Canadian vlogger, comedian, and actress posted a video on 8th march 2k17 (International women’s day). In the video, she asks women all over the world to toss their bras in support of women of every shape, size, colour, race, sexual orientation or religion. Check out the video right here!

bratoss challengeShe shared this video on Instagram to her 6 million followers which is now trending all over the internet.
Some of us are taking it as a fun challenge while others are taking it as an opportunity to show sisterhood and support to every woman in the world.
Either way, this video has caused a stir.
This video is getting celebrity support as well !!
Many celebrities including Charlize Theron, Tia Mowry, Victoria Justice and plenty of others completed the challenge dedicating it to women they idolize or they offer their support to.

History behind the Bra toss Challenge

Guys, I know some of you still feel that this whole challenge thing is objective less and all, but we should see that bras offer support to women. Additionally, tossing this support to someone shows that you support that person.
Another perspective to see this challenge is looking back to the early 1960s, where the feminist revolution took place. Furthermore, feminists claimed that items like bras, false eyelashes and other materials like them were oppressive and patriarchal and reduced women to sex objects. Some women publicly disavowed bras in an anti-sexist act of female liberation.

bratoss challengeFor some women, the bra is a symbol of restrictions imposed by society on women. “The classic burning of the bras represented liberation from the oppression of the male patriarchy, right down to unbinding yourself from the constrictions of your smooth silhouette.” The bra toss challenge became associated with the so-called “bra burning movement” because she pointed out how restrictive and uncomfortable a bra could be.

In 1970, a similar protest took place. At least one actual public bra-burning is documented, at a feminist rally in Lower Sproul Plaza in Berkeley, CA on 2 June 1970.

bratoss challenge

So, from this perspective, we can conclude that women are self-sufficient, naturally attractive. Moreover, they are not the mercy of someone’s support.

Now, it is your choice guys to see the bra toss challenge in a way you find it right!

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