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interesting facts about alcohol

10 Interesting Facts About Alcohol

Alcohol has been with us for centuries. For some, it is a dear friend while some consider it to induce violence. Throughout history, its form has evolved. Nowadays, there are different varieties...
celebrities that nearly died

10 Celebrities That Nearly Died!

The celebrities often go through near-death situations that are not known to many! There are a few celebrities that nearly died but are in pink of health today. While on the other...
World's greatest art museums

Greatest Art Museums In The World

Museums are not mere sites of art aficionados. They are indeed the ashes of history. They are recollections of things passed away and can never be fetched again. Greatest art museums in the world...
ways to create humor at workplace

Ways To Create Humor At Workplace

Why humor at workplace could be important? The answer to this question can best be answered by none other than the office employees and managers themselves. All those who work in a corporate environment,...
unique international borders around the world

Unique International Borders Around the World

‘Border’, the word alone describe the sound of bullets, smell of gunpowder, tension, stress, and security. But do you know that there are some friendly and unique international borders around the world? These unique...
most hard to understand movies

Most Hard To Understand Movies Ever Made

You like some movies, you dislike some movies, but some movies don’t count in any of these categories. They have their own categories, you can’t understand such movies. Some movies are so much abstruse...
how to know if it's love

How To Know If It’s Love Or Lust?

Love at first sight? Do you really think this is possible? Well, it is a debatable topic and we shouldn't go much insight into it. Love is a strong emotion that is felt by...
devices under $50

10 Best Technology Devices Under $50

You're a technology geek, but running on a low budget? Don't worry technical devices are not always expensive. You should know the right place to look. We list here 10 best technology devices under...
hottest chilies in the world

Hottest Chilies In The World

Not everyone has got the guts to eat spicy food, let alone the hottest chilies, also known as the queen chilies. In this world, only some tongues can ever taste those colored queens and...
lyricists of india

8 Brilliant Lyricists Of India

Music has amazing possibilities, science says that it acts as medicine. But what gets us connected to music is our emotions which are engraved in the lyrics. Also, indian movies have given rise to...