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famous food fests in India

Famous Food Fests In India

Food has always been a very important and integral part of our nation as well as culture. And the love that people have for them for food is just jaw-dropping. There are some of...
ways to say thank you

6 Ways To Say Thank You

‘Thank you’ is just a small word but can do wonders. It is the way of showing gratitude towards a person. Whether it be a thank you to your parent or to...
best Christopher Nolan movies

Best Christopher Nolan Movies Of The Decade

In the second decade of the 21st century, there would hardly be a person who is a fan of the cinema and doesn’t know Christopher Nolan. Christopher Nolan is an English film director, screenwriter,...
weird objects people got married to

Sceptically Weird Objects People Got Married To

It is very interesting to know how people find a way out of loneliness because if it is not for a human then it is definitely for a non- human who could...
successful actors who are beauty pageant winners

Successful Actors who are Beauty Pageant Winners

Ever wondered where did your favorite celebs start their career from? What struggle did they undergo to gain success in their career? Around the world, there are many successful actors who are...
facts about marvel superheroes

Interesting Facts About Marvel Superheroes

The Marvel universe has a lot of interesting hidden facts. The Marvel cinematic superhero scene is its own universe of sorts. It is the perfect obsession for comic geeks and movie buffs. The movies...
accidentally discovered food items

Accidentally Discovered Food Items

What could be better than having discovered a gratifying food item as a result of pure serendipity? Usually, accidents are undesirable and embarrassing but you would be surprised to know that there...
interesting facts about the Marvel Universe

Interesting Facts About The Marvel Universe

Marvel Studio has created such a fairyland that everyone wants to dive in. Their fans are bizarre and can go up to any level to get an idea about their next move....
benefits of listening to music

Benefits of listening to Music

Do you love listening to songs? The humming sounds of birds and flow of breeze all have music. Music is made for every mood; slow when sad, soft when in love and fast when enthusiastic....
Facts about black magic

7 Unknown Facts About Black Magic In India

Black Magic is something that has held its place in the Indian mythology for years that we cannot even keep a count on. Earlier it was present in insane amount. Out of...