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life of raccoons-coon comics-TNG

Coon Comics: The Life of Raccoons

(Coon Comics: The Life of Raccoons) Animals portray the best form of anthropomorphism of human life. Our behavior through different phases of life is beautifully and quirkily conveyed through cute and bubbly animal sketches...
tattoos inspired by Bhagavad Gita

Tattoos Inspired By Bhagavad Gita – Trending

(Tattoos Inspired By Bhagavad Gita) Tattoos are your permanent Companion! It takes months or even years to decide upon the design that you want to get inked. So why not have something symbolic or...
facts about santa claus

Most Interesting Facts About Santa Claus

(Most Interesting Facts About Santa Claus) Who doesn't know Santa Claus? We've known him since our childhood. What we don't know is that he has a history all his own. Today, he is thought...
bhagat ram talwar

Bhagat Ram Talwar: Sherlock Holmes is way behind him

(Bhagat Ram Talwar: Sherlock is way behind him) Ian Fleming’s James Bond and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes must have given you some awe-inspiring goosebumps. These fictional protagonists have undoubtedly outshone any other...
weird creatures

8 Weird Creatures That You Never Knew Existed

(Weird creatures that we never knew existed) Creatures! Creatures! and Creatures. Ya, I know them. There's a cat! Oh, a parrot just flew by. And that's a dog. Wait, it's just three of them....
best indian youtubers

8 Indian Youtubers To Watch Out For

(Best Indian Youtubers) Youtubing is the new alternative career in town. Its what a musical career was in the 80s. It's hot and fresh, artistic and above all young. The Indian Youtube scene is...
political satire

Political Satire

(Political satire) 2017 is the glorious age of politics. Politics has never before been in the spotlight like this. Everything that happens is followed closely by a reality television show. The people involved have...
johnny depp films

Johnny Depp’s 5 Fabulous Films

Most Hollywood movies are great in terms of entertainment and concepts. What makes them so good is the work put in by the crew members and teams (with the help of technology of course)....
renaissance memes

10 Renaissance Memes too LIT for life!

(10 Renaissance Memes too LIT for life!) Humour is a vital part of our lives. It creeps into all scenarios of life and adds a flavor which never goes undetected and unappreciated. Be it...
biggest cons

The Biggest Cons

(The biggest cons) Conning is not only illegitimate but also extremely formidable to execute. Hoodwinking a person notwithstanding know that all your soi-distant arguments stand on the pedestal of utter fallacy is in itself...