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crazy fans - love and obsession for their idols

Crazy Fans – Love and Obsession for their idols

(Crazy Fans - Love and Obsession for their idols) When people have built temples in the name of their idols, then doing something rather creepier or crazier for them, is quite normal in this...
the indian meme culture

The Indian Meme Culture – Entertainment

(The Indian Meme Culture) Every Indian has encountered memes. In fact, they often create ones with horrible puns and even enthusiastically share them with every family WhatsApp group they are a part of. But...
stand-up culture in India

Stand-Up Culture In India

(Stand-Up Culture In India) Indians are funny people. Just like our culture, our humor is also multifarious. We have the brazen slapstick with the Punjabis, the massy humor of the metropolitans or the deadpan...
indian whatsapp groups

People Belonging To Indian WhatsApp Groups

(People Belonging To Indian WhatsApp Groups) In the 21st century, our development is fast-paced and tech-oriented. One can't survive in tandem with changes unless they keep up with the technology and learn...
how to be nice 101

How To Be Nice 101

(How to be nice 101) Being nice to someone doesn't translate to 'taking pity on them'. Being nice to someone isn't your weakness; it's your biggest strength. Being nice to a waiter when he spills food...
life of raccoons-coon comics-TNG

Coon Comics: The Life of Raccoons

(Coon Comics: The Life of Raccoons) Animals portray the best form of anthropomorphism of human life. Our behavior through different phases of life is beautifully and quirkily conveyed through cute and bubbly animal sketches...
tattoos inspired by Bhagavad Gita

Tattoos Inspired By Bhagavad Gita – Trending

(Tattoos Inspired By Bhagavad Gita) Tattoos are your permanent Companion! It takes months or even years to decide upon the design that you want to get inked. So why not have something...
facts about santa claus

Most Interesting Facts About Santa Claus

(Most Interesting Facts About Santa Claus) Who doesn't know Santa Claus? We've known him since our childhood. What we don't know is that he has a history all his own. Today, he is thought...
bhagat ram talwar

Bhagat Ram Talwar: Sherlock Holmes is way behind him

(Bhagat Ram Talwar: Sherlock is way behind him) Ian Fleming’s James Bond and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes must have given you some awe-inspiring goosebumps. These fictional protagonists have undoubtedly outshone any other...
weird creatures

8 Weird Creatures That You Never Knew Existed

(Weird creatures that we never knew existed) Creatures! Creatures! and Creatures. Ya, I know them. There's a cat! Oh, a parrot just flew by. And that's a dog. Wait, it's just three...