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great depression of 1929

Top 5 causes of The Great Depression of 1929

The Great Depression was a Worldwide Economic Depression that lasted for 10 years. There are many severe causes of the Great depression. Began after the stock market crash, this led to the panic of Wall...
successful actors who are beauty pageant winners

Successful Actors who are Beauty Pageant Winners

Ever wondered where did your favorite celebs start their career from? What struggle did they undergo to gain success in their career? Around the world, there are many successful actors who are...

The Two Sides of the Same Coin – Jaipur, The Pink City

In addition to the incredible city of Kota, the Pink City of India and the gateway to a number of tourists in Rajasthan, Jaipur is a city with a prodigious history. A...
most expensive things in the world

10 Most Expensive Things In The World

"Money can't buy happiness". Really? Well, it can buy you stuff that can keep you happy forever. The rich can afford almost everything that they desire for. There are even weird things...
interesting facts about graveyards

7 Interesting Facts About Graveyards

Graveyards provide us with a glimpse of our past. Consequently, a graveyard also reveals the history of the way our ancestors lived & died. This place brings families together on special occasions. It has...
interesting facts about the Marvel Universe

Interesting Facts About The Marvel Universe

Marvel Studio has created such a fairyland that everyone wants to dive in. Their fans are bizarre and can go up to any level to get an idea about their next move....

Famous LGBT Activists You Should Know About

The world over years has seen its population get divided into groups and associations united by common interests, beliefs and sexual orientation. The LGBTQ community found in all parts of the world however unlike...
why japan is ahead from rest of the world

Why Japan is ahead in Technology?

An important question these days in the field of technology is, "Why Japan is ahead in technology?" When Japan was bombed by two Nuclear Weapons it was severely damaged both economically and literally. Despite...
mars mission

Mars Mission Facts

Fourth planet of our solar system 'Mars' is one of the most researched planet on earth. And why not after realizing a possibility of life on it! Also, known as Red Plant, it has...

Heuro App Review – Learn, Create & Connect

Have you ever wanted to learn, innovate, share your knowledge and connect with interesting people with interesting mindsets? We have got a fresh smartphone app called 'Heuro'...