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how to be nice 101

How To Be Nice 101

(How to be nice 101) Being nice to someone doesn't translate to 'taking pity on them'. Being nice to someone isn't your weakness; it's your biggest strength. Being nice to a waiter when he spills food...
weird things that can make you smarter

Weird Things That Can Make You Smarter

(Weird Things That Can Make You Smarter) Weird is the new cool and Smart is the new generation! Several researches have concluded that these things can make you smarter! Here's the list of weird things...
life of raccoons-coon comics-TNG

Coon Comics: The Life of Raccoons

(Coon Comics: The Life of Raccoons) Animals portray the best form of anthropomorphism of human life. Our behavior through different phases of life is beautifully and quirkily conveyed through cute and bubbly animal sketches...
a letter to the bright indian student

A letter to the bright Indian student

(A letter to the bright Indian student) Hello! You are probably one of the toppers of your class. The teacher loves you and is super nice to you right? And your classmates are envious of you?...
facts about Chennai

Interesting Facts About Chennai – 7 Things To Know

(Facts About Chennai - 7 Things To Know) Chennai city which was formerly known as Madras is the capital of the Indian state Tamil Nadu. This city is also claimed to be the Gateway...
facts about Bangalore

Facts About Bangalore: All You Need To Know

(Facts about Bangalore) Bangalore The Garden City. India's Silicon Valley. The young and thriving multi cultural Karnataka town. The city is home to people from all over India and it is a microcosm of...
best desi indian dhabas

Best Desi Dhabas in India – Top 8 – Food

(Best Desi Dhabas in India) “Kisi disco me jaye-jaaye, kisi hotel me khaye-khaaye” Well, why visit a 5-star hotel or a lavishing restaurant when you can get a Desi Indian Tadka in the best...
destinations for celebrating christmas

Destinations For Celebrating Christmas

(Destinations for celebrating Christmas) Christmas is the time when the entire world wishes to celebrate with unconventionally unique and charming way. Furthermore, obviously, an outing to a goal sufficiently beguiling to enrapture your consideration...
Forts of India

5 Fantastic Forts of India That Are Still Standing

(5 Fantastic Forts of India That Are Still Standing) India is one of those few nations which has one of the greatest historical grandeur. Its rich history is greatly diverse and consists of numerous...
life hacks

Top 10 Life Hacks

(Top 10 Life Hacks) Life is a toughie. We face many problems day in and day out. Apart from the daily troubles of school, college, office etc. we have to deal with many small...