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interesting facts about black holes

Interesting Facts About Black Holes

Space is full of marvelous mysteries that leave us all dumbfounded and highly inquisitive to explore its wonders. Though it is impossible for any human being to unravel all the cases of...
Facts about North Korea

10 Insane Facts About North Korea

North Korea is one of the most reclusive countries who have the lives of each North Korean leashed by the ruthless and brutal rules set up by Kim's dynasty. There are many...
top armed weapons in the world

Top Armed Weapons In The World

Weapons were made to be destructive but the destruction of what depends on the humans.  Weapons used in wars destroy the enemy and if they are in the hands of terrorists, they...
facts about our universe

Interesting Facts About Our Universe

The universe is indeed a very dynamic place, with the littlest of beings and the largest of celestial bodies. As you’re here, reading this article, millions and millions of things are happening...
benefits of cuddling

10 Amazing Benefits Of Cuddling

People often underestimate the importance of intimacy among two individuals. Be in hugging, cuddling or even holding hands. Unknown to us, these actions have scientific benefits that often stimulate our hormones making...
Real world activities we will be doing in Virtual Reality

5 Real World Activities We Will Be Doing In VR

It’s hard to believe it, but the world is already several years into the age of virtual reality. The Oculus Rift was released for public consumption in March of 2016, which means...
interesting facts about alcohol

10 Interesting Facts About Alcohol

Alcohol has been with us for centuries. For some, it is a dear friend while some consider it to induce violence. Throughout history, its form has evolved. Nowadays, there are different varieties...
why japan is ahead from rest of the world

Why Japan is ahead in Technology?

An important question these days in the field of technology is, "Why Japan is ahead in technology?" When Japan was bombed by two Nuclear Weapons it was severely damaged both economically and literally. Despite...
types of social circles

Types Of Social Circles – Social Life

The concept of social life begins with the most common statement, "Humans are social beings". But what is social life? Society engulfs us and we engulf society. Imagine yourself in a cocoon wrapped up...
top child prodigies in history

Top Child Prodigies in History

Often, we come across people who leave a great impact on our mind in just 1 minute. Their ability & their talents leave us speechless. There have been several top child prodigies in history...