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devices under $50

10 Best Technology Devices Under $50

You're a technology geek, but running on a low budget? Don't worry technical devices are not always expensive. You should know the right place to look. We list here 10 best technology devices under...
comets that were visible from earth

Comets That Were Visible From Earth

The sky is a magnificent gift of nature that continues to remain a beautiful mystery to man. It is a bubble that protects us with the atmosphere guarding it. No one can...
Useful websites for students

Most Useful Websites Students Must Know

Students are always confused with keeping up with their studies, social life & sleep. Although, there are the various thing in a student’s life which are hard. However, there are different resources to...
Hurricane Irma facts

Hurricane Irma Facts

The earth has been a witness to many soldiers of nature. They come occasionally to damage the human ego of being superior to nature and also to make us realize the amount of damage...

Heuro App Review – Learn, Create & Connect

Have you ever wanted to learn, innovate, share your knowledge and connect with interesting people with interesting mindsets? We have got a fresh smartphone app called 'Heuro'...
international space station

A Big Leap – The International Space Station!

The International Space Station is an artificial habitable satellite which is orbiting around the earth at an altitude of about 408 km with a speed of 28,000 km per hour. It circles the globe...
Is Time Travel Possible

Is Time Travel Possible?

Is time travel possible? This question has haunted scientists for decades. There are two main reasons why this seems possible and not as well. One big reason is that if you were to travel back in time,...
best dating apps

Best Dating Apps To Find Your Special One

Dating apps are becoming the normal way to meet people and ask them out. This puts many of us in awkward situations, but it is in trend so it’s tough to avoid using them. To help get...
Mathematicians with miserable ends

Mathematicians with Miserable Ends

Mathematics as well as mathematicians have always been and will continue to be esoteric stuff for the world. The unrivaled acumen of these mysterious characters have always enamored the world. Though most of us...
places to observe bioluminescence

5 Places To Observe Bioluminescence

(5 Places To Observe Bioluminescence) Our blue planet is full of mysterious phenomenon and happenings. All of these just take our breath away and force us to think about their enigmatic existence and origins....