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Pickbee Review

Have you ever been sitting at home, relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when someone asked you to go to the market and get something? Annoying, isn’t it? Or maybe you’re too busy with...
space tourism industry


(Space Tourism Industry) In spite of the fact that we've been living in the Space Age for the greater part a century. Going into space remains an outrageous irregularity. Less than 600 individuals have...
conspiracy theories


It is pretty hard to separate truth from fiction in the age of fake news! Driven by social media, the modern conspiracy theories makes claim about everything from diets to money to the state...

Top Brutal Prisons Around The World

(Brutal Prisons around the world) We are aware of the treatment meted out to the criminals. In addition, we also know that prisons are built with the purpose of rectification. However, what we are...


In 1990s The idea of iphone started in 2005. Before the invention of iPhone, Apple had Newton Message Pad. In 1993 Apple’s first shot at an all-screen mobile computing device was a bit of wash, in spite...
life hacks

Top 10 Life Hacks

(Top 10 Life Hacks) Life is a toughie. We face many problems day in and day out. Apart from the daily troubles of school, college, office etc. we have to deal with many small...
disturbing facts

Disturbing Facts that you may not want to know

(Disturbing facts) You think you know everything. Think again. Here’s a list of facts you may not wanna know. Some facts may come off as disturbing. Warning! Not for the weak hearted.
Predictions about the future featured

Predictions about the future that went completely wrong

(Predictions about the future that went completely wrong) If you are an Indian, then you must be very familiar with or, to an extent, fed up with the word "Predictions". From a...
cryonics: featured

Cryonics: Leap of faith taking Chances at Life?

Life is priceless. Imagine your loved ones coming back to life. Also, technology and medical breakthroughs with their advancements have certainly made us wonder the limits of science. Is there anyway, that in...

Years of the Emoji

The years of the emoji: That's what the last few years could be termed as. No matter how complicated something might be, someone is reducing it to a tiny cartoon. Way of life Landed a teenage boy...