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goggles for blind

High School Boy Develops Innovative Goggles For Blind

"To do something extraordinary you do not need an extraordinary learning." Furthermore, simple things when put together can also lead you to great inventions. Anang Tadar is one such example. He is a class 11...
twin telepathy

Twin Telepathy – Interesting Facts

“It was inexplicable, like a sudden feeling”, claim a number of twin siblings in their personal anecdotes of Twin Telepathy- the claims by twins to know what their brothers/sisters are thinking or feeling, even...
astronaut takes couple's wedding rings to space

Best man ever: Astronaut Takes Couple’s Wedding Rings To Space

What could a man do for his/her best friends wedding? He could give him/her a mega bachelorette party or plan him/her a romantic honeymoon. But let me take you to a whole new level of...
best travel apps

10 Best Travel Apps For The Traveler In You

Travelling is an integral part of our lives. Whether we are out for a break or for professional work, travelling is a must. For people who love to travel here is the...
misfired tech predictions

Misfired Tech Predictions

(Misfired tech predictions) We humans, forever quick to making assumptions and predicting things well into the future, love to be proved wrong. After all, technology progresses at its own pace.
Story Of Snapchat

The Snapchat story

Snapchat survived its rocky starts to now be on the verge of a $20 billion IPO. Here's the Snapchat story of how Snapchat went from a million-dollar idea to the company called Snap today. Once...
major developments by ISRO

Major Developments By ISRO That Make India Proud

Here's a list of major developments by ISRO: MOM (Mars Orbital Mission) ISRO launched the spacecraft on 5 November 2013 and it successfully entered the orbit of Mars on 24 September 2014. Consequently, this success made...
top child prodigies in history

Top Child Prodigies in History

Often, we come across people who leave a great impact on our mind in just 1 minute. Their ability & their talents leave us speechless. There have been several top child prodigies in history...

Apple Airpods: The First Big Appearance

That’s how apple debuted its first commercial of the much awaited and trolled Apple Airpods. With a lot of speculation around its newest gear, apple has brought about curiosity among techno mongers. However, putting...
interesting facts about alcohol

10 Interesting Facts About Alcohol

Alcohol has been with us for centuries. For some, it is a dear friend while some consider it to induce violence. Throughout history, its form has evolved. Nowadays, there are different varieties...