7 Top Celebrities Who Faced Depression


(Celebrities who faced depression) Celebrities as they seem, are not only about fame and popularity. Many times, having so many fans around the world isn’t enough to fill the emptiness that lingers in their soul. Happiness evades them and hollowness stays. Amidst all of the happening lives that these celebrities are known to have, many have gone through nightmares in their lives which we are not aware of. These celebrities who seem have to win every happiness for themselves end up in grave depression.

7 top celebrities who faced depression are:

Shahrukh Khan

celebrities who faced depression: Shah Rukh Khan

#1 Top celebrities who faced depression: The Badshah of the Bollywood industry who seems to be the most intelligent and sorted in the industry, too, went into a depression at a point in his life. Shahrukh suffered a ligament tear while shooting in 2008. Surgeries and constant medical checkups made him feel gloomy all the time. His shoulder injury gave him constant pain. And added to problems while shooting for films, which got him into depression. He was successfully able to get out of it. He came back with a blast in the film industry, healthy and with loads of energy to enthral the audience again.

JK Rowling

celebrities who faced depression: jk rowling

#2 Top celebrities who faced depression: She is number 61 on Forbes’ list of most powerful women. And also is UK’s 197th richest person. She, the creator of the Harry Potter world, has faced very tough times in her life before life became considerate toward her. She was only in her twenties when she had already suffered the death of her mother and a broken marriage. Rowling was down in dumps when she had to face the world as a single mother and still a struggling novelist. She even had suicidal thoughts. She went under cognitive behavioural therapy for a period of nine months. It was after that she was able to put together the broken pieces of her fallen apart life. And now, she is totally a sensation in the world.

Dwayne Johnson

celebrities who faced depression: dwayne johnson

#3 Top celebrities who faced depression: Known as “The Rock” in the entire world today, Dwayne Johnson was not always this bold and strong in his life. Even ‘The Rock’ has seen lows in his life. When his football career was at an all-time low, he was not selected by the NFL and was even asked to leave the Canadian football. He was intensely depressed and preferred to stay in the basement of his parents’ home all by himself. It took him a year before he mustered up the courage to start his career in wrestling. And from then there was no looking back. Dwayne is a footballer, author, wrestler, action star and a family man now. He encouraged people to never lose faith in themselves while talking about his depression openly at interviews.

Lady Gaga

celebrities who faced depression: lady gaga

#4 Top celebrities who faced depression: As colourful as she keeps herself, she has been fighting darkness all her life. This dominant lady, who has blown her fans with her outrageous fashion sense and her tremendous voice has been a victim of deep rooted depression for the most part of her life. She affirmed to have faced anxiety, cynicism and a sense of sadness all her life. She even started a “Born this way” foundation in 2012 to help people with similar problems as her.

Ellen DeGeneres

celebrities who faced depression: ellen degeneres

#5 Top celebrities who faced depression: She is known as the host of her famous talk show and for her independent and bold attitude. This attitude did not come easily. She had to face many hardships to be that confident in her life. After she officially announced that she was gay in 1997, she faced a severe backlash from the society and was left unemployed for many years. This triggered the severe depression which left her with lost faith in the world. She was hurt and angry at the ‘way of the world’ for something which she couldn’t control. She overcame this depression and revived her career with playing the role of Dory in the movie ‘Finding Dory’.

Angelina Jolie

celebrities who faced depression: angelina jolie

#6 Top celebrities who faced depression: The Oscar-winning actress who carries an aura of perfection with herself was also not able to escape the winding claws of depression. Just after her mother died, Angelina was crestfallen and did not know how she will ever accept the hard truth. Jolie said that she wanted to do something physical to get the thought out of her mind for a while. She felt as if she was going to a very dark place and did not know how to get out from it. She had also felt emptiness all her life because of not being able to appreciate herself the way she wanted to. Her humanitarian work has helped her pull through the feelings of emptiness. And now, she serves as the goodwill ambassador of UNHCR since 2001.

Deepika Padukone

celebrities who faced depression: deepika padukone

#7 Top celebrities who faced depression: Unlike other celebrities, Deepika broke the taboo that having a mental illness is associated with. She talks openly about it and tells that there were feelings of anxiety that she had to deal with for quite some time. She used to relate her problems with normal stress when her mother encouraged her to see a psychologist. It was then that she was diagnosed with clinical depression. She had lost faith in herself but got through this by taking proper medication. She has also opened an NGO to help people get treatment to mental disorders easily and break the stigma that is attached to it.

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