Haven’t we all used our fair share of meme GIFs? Or spent hours on end scrolling through and looking at puppy GIFs? But it’s time to move on. It’s time to say goodbye. As surprising and heartbreaking it may be for some (for once), GIFs are now a matter of the past. Cinemagraphs are the new age GIFs. Unlike still photography or video, cinemagraphs are a marriage of these traditional mediums’ best qualities. Typically, the entire image is still except an element or two, hence providing a magnificent juxtaposition between the motion and the motionless. We are a visually stimulated population. The human brain is attracted towards colourful and vibrant images and video more than simple, written text. Such media stimulates feelings in ways beyond just written text. Thus, it’s no wonder these hauntingly beautiful cinemagraphs are gaining attention and momentum in today’s digital world.

It is like your glass of fresh juice in the morning. Taking small sips whilst you’re in your lawn, embracing the nature and leaving the somnolence behind slowly, you feel refreshed. That’s exactly how cinemagraphs make you feel when you’re passively scrolling through a range of posts. It stands out as a scroll-stopper.

Is it still hard for you to adopt cinemagraphs over GIFs? Continue to read for a possible change of mind.

Cinemagraphs vs. animated GIFs

cinemagraphs difference between gif and cg

Cinemagraphs are often posted and shared online as animated GIFs. Not to be confused, they can be in a GIF format, but they’re designed much differently and possess a lot more distinctions.

A successful cinemagraph is akin to a captivating photograph. In other words, the qualities that define excellent photography also apply to cinemagraph: composition, sharpness, artistic eye, to name a few. It do not compromise on quality. Whereas animated GIFs are less concerned with image quality and artistic content; they rely more heavily on humor and evoking a comical reaction.

Looping marks a big difference between the two. A well-executed cinemagraph maintains continuity in such a way that it does not feel like it is a short sequence on repeat. Their subtle, isolated movements are actually believable in their endlessness. On the other hand, animated GIFs generally do not aim to create the illusion of an “infinite moment.” Animated GIFs therefore lack the elegance of cinemagraphs.

And finally, the obvious difference between the qualities. They are a high definition product whereas GIFs are very far from it.

Well, wouldn’t you like to take pride in acclaiming that you’re the owner of some stunning cinemagraphs yourself?

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in experimenting with cinemagraphs, I highly suggest using Cinemagraph Pro by Flixel. It’s feature-rich and easy to use, allowing you to focus on your creativity without being burdened by laborious editing.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a collection of 10 spectacular examples.

(due to large size cinemagraphs may take time to load)

Who doesn’t like reliving their childhood and blowing soap bubbles?

cinemagraphs bubbles

cinemagraphs suger over baked cakes

Don’t we all love sprinkling some icing sugar over our freshly baked cupcakes?

cinemagraphs honey

Aren’t some maple syrup glazed pancakes for breakfast to die for?

cinemagraphs chocolate smoothie

What more can we ask for than an indulgent chocolate smoothie this hot season?

cinemagraphs brunch with friends

Everyone loves a good brunch with friends.

cinemagraphs dog

Catering to our puppy GIF needs, cinemagraphs provide an impeccable alternative.

cinemagraphs cat

Don’t worry, cat lovers! We have got you covered.

cinemagraphs windmillIt is a beautiful tool to capture the invisible wind.

cinemagraphs fashion

They are excellent tools for advertising.

cinemagraphs fast life

And finally, they capture the essence of our fast-paced lives like none other.

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