For all the Disneyland fans and for all those who are willing to spend $15000 there, here’s a good news. Disneyland, California is now taking reservations for its new ’21 Royal’. This is situated in a venue originally intended for Walt Disney and his wife Lillian’s apartment.

21 Royal
Disneyland’s luxurious restaurant, 21 Royal.

Inside Story of ’21 Royal’

Dinner for a group of 12 costs $15000, in a room at 21 Royal Street. The dinner includes a seven-course meal by royal chef’s Andrew Sutton and Justin Monson and wines from sommelier Matt Ellingson.

21 Royal
Peekaboo into the parlor of the high ended Restaurant.

This also gives guests an opportunity to explore the two bedroom apartment as well as an opening cocktail reception. The private dining experience is only available for those who are willing to pay up to $1250 per head.

The event begins with specially trained guides greeting your party at the Disney’s Grand California Hotel and Spa. And then they lead the guests to the new, most exclusive address inside the park: 21 royal street.

Tales of the Disneyland

This luxurious restaurant was previously only accessible to members of Club 33, Disneyland’s most exclusive clique. Luxurious and opulent, this place excludes a 19th-century aesthetic complete with gold plated dinnerware, crystal glasses, chandeliers and fireplaces and much more.

21 Royal
21 Royal’s dining hall with gold plated dinnerware.

Plans for this restaurant were first announced in 2014, and space is now finally fully operational. Club 33 opened in the year 1967, with the original intention of hosting Walt Disney’s business associates and VIP guests. Club membership is $25000 to join, then $10000 annually.

So, now it’s the time to start saving all your money. Why? Obviously, because the dream of getting into the long rumored high-end ’21 Royal’ Restaurant at Disneyland is now real. 

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