The majority of the programming sites I’ve gathered are made by a portion of the well-known names in the business, while others originated from not really renowned individuals. By the by, they are all witty so I trust you will discover them interesting and illuminating.


The quote “They don’t make bugs like Bunny anymore.” By Olav Mjelde encourages people to make people perfect and make them understand to make fewer bugs in the programs they write.


The quote “It’s not a bug – it’s an undocumented feature” by Anonymous encourages a programmer to not to get disappointed even if one gets way too many bugs in his/her written codes.It encourages people to make a positive point of view towards everything.


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The quote “Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.” By Martin Golding gives a message that if one writes a code it should include documentation or the code should be simple so that anyone who reads it can know what is contributing to which part.


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The quote “Don’t worry if it works right. If everything did, you’d be out of a job.” is an insinuation by Mosher’s Law of Software Engineering which indirectly tells that if there were no bugs in the programs then humans would have been out of work.


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The quote “Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight” is an example by Bill Gates by which he meant that there is no point of counting the lines of code as none can mark up the progress by it.


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The quote “Nine people can’t make a child in a month” by Fred Brooks is an informative quote which tells that the addition of more programmers to get a project completed faster is not a right theory.


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The quote “Programmers are in a race with the Universe to create bigger and better idiot-proof programs, while the Universe is trying to create bigger and better idiots.  So far the Universe is winning.” By Rich Cook relates the working programmers with that of the universe.


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The quote “Computer science education cannot make anybody an expert programmer any more than studying brushes and pigment can make somebody an expert painter.” by Eric Raymond brings up with a comparison between a painter and a programmer.


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The quote “A great lathe operator commands several times the wage of an average lathe operator, but a great writer of software code is worth 10,000 times the price of an average software writer.” By Bill Gates comes up with a comparison between a great lathe operator and a great software programmer.


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The quote “First learn computer science and all the theory.  Next, develop a programming style.  Then forget all that and just hack.” by George Carrette encourages everyone to adopt their own style for writing codes.


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The quote “To iterate is human, to recurse divine.” By L. Peter Deutsch gives a comparison between humans and programmers. As people almost love to perform or utter repeatedly hence there are some programmers who love recursions.


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The quote “There are only two kinds of programming languages: those people always bitch about and those nobody uses.” By Bjarne Stroustrup gives an idea about the choice of human beings for programming languages.


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The quote “I think Microsoft named.Net so it wouldn’t show up in a Unix directory listing.” is an insinuation by Okta as in UNIX if one has to hide a file or item he/she puts a comma at the start of the file name.


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The quote “Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it.” By Brian W. Kernighan gives his thoughts about debugging in a program.


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The quote “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” By Martin Fowler tells us that an ideal programmer writes codes which can be easily understood by any human being.

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