The Concept Of Ten Worlds


When you are rejected for a job, are you not sad? When your loved ones are happy, aren’t you happy for them? Does it mean anything when you learn from your past mistakes? Oh yes! All this surely has a meaning.

Human beings are distinct just because of varied emotions. A human goes through several life stages in a moment according to the situations he is facing. We experience these range of emotions from one moment to the next.

Buddhism has several branches. Nichiren Daishonin was a monk during the 13th Century who explains these ten worlds that a human mind can be in, at a given point of time.

Nichiren Daishonin's book

According to this concept, all of us have the potential to go through these worlds- right from the world of despair to the world of wisdom and Buddhahood.

The Ten Worlds are The World of Hell, Hunger, Animality, Anger, Humanity, Rapture, Learning, Realisation, Bodhisattva and the last being the world of Buddhahood.

1. World of Hell

world of hell

When we feel low and extremely dejected, we are in the World of Hell.  Suffering and despair are the living conditions that a human mind goes through. A person is a pessimist and hardly thinks of anything positive.

2. World of Hunger

World of hunger

In this world, the person is constantly asking for more. The greed of fame, pleasure, and wealth overtakes the person’s mind. The person in this state cannot control his cravings. He often becomes selfish and dominant in many ways.

3. World of Animality

Like the word suggests, this World operates on the “Law of Jungle”. The strong bully the weak. The person in this world lacks wisdom and morality- the judgment to decide the right and wrong.

4. World of Anger

Superiority and pride are the driving force of this life state. Ego is the main element in this state of mind. Here, there is a need to surpass everyone at any cost.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

These above four states are referred to as The Four Evil Paths because of the negative traits that mark them.

5. World of Humanity

Here, the person is comparatively calm and composed. His decisions are not impulsive and are backed by reason and logic. People in this world try to harmonize with others and the surroundings. Although this state of mind is marked by tranquility, a person can easily travel to the Four lower worlds if going through negative situations.

6. World of Rapture

World of rapture

In this state, a person experiences joy when he meets his desires or when he gets rid of his sufferings. The joy is temporary and may change easily with circumstances. The person is vulnerable in this stage and the negative conditions can affect him in no time.

The Six States from the World of Hell to the World of Rapture are the Six Lower worlds. External environment affects these worlds easily.

The remaining Four States are called as the Four Noble Paths. Integrity and compassion constitute these Worlds.

7. World of Learning

The person constantly seeks to learn from others and their experiences. He is always willing to gain knowledge of all kinds and apply it in his daily lives.

8. World of Realisation

In this world, the person learns from his own mistakes and takes efforts to rid himself of his sufferings. This world requires ample of Observation and Self Analysis in the process.

The World of Learning and Realisation, together are called as the TWO VEHICLES.

In spite of this fact, in this state of mind, people are more concerned about their happiness than the happiness of others.

9. World of Boddhisatva

In this world, the person works for the welfare of others. “Bodhi” refers to the enlightenment and “sattva” refers to a person.

10. World of Buddhahood

This is the last final stage. Completeness, passion, compassion and the will to recognize the reality of life are the crux of this world.

World of Buddhahood

Through these Ten Worlds, we can see the true aspect of our own lives.  No matter what life state we are in, we have the potential to be extremely happy and joyous by understanding the importance of these worlds. So no matter what the situation, you can change your mindset and be in the Higher Worlds by understanding the working of these worlds.

So what world are you in right now?

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