(Coon Comics: The Life of Raccoons) Animals portray the best form of anthropomorphism of human life. Our behavior through different phases of life is beautifully and quirkily conveyed through cute and bubbly animal sketches in casual settings.

With a twist of humor and a pinch of salt and pepper, The Coon Comics (all credits go to the comic artist), present a fresh new take on some bizarreness of humanity. And of course, the adorable trash pandas are everyone’s spirit animals.

Here’s the Life of raccoons as told by the Coon Comics!

1. You always pine for free stuff

You always pine for free stuff

When you are a college student/salaried employee/bachelor, you run for free stuff like your life depends on it, whether you actually need it or not. Because there will come a time when you will use that fluorescent magic marker as a 37-year-old mature adult who has given up on ‘adulting’. 

2. When you make your buddies do silly things

When you make your buddies do silly things

Remember from the days of yore when we’d stick our fingers up our bum and make our friends smell it? Those were definitely the day’s anyone would be for.

3. High in life

high in life

According to the coon comics, you and your buddies lounge around in your boxers with an ashtray near your PS4 controllers, kicking back and relaxing while toking up. You talk about random inter-galactic, multiple universal theories and come up with multitude more reasons to stay there on the couch. In the distance, you hear sirens and your paranoia kicks in. A shift of frame and your melancholia play games on you. All of this happens within SECONDS but time stops when you’re firing up. Isn’t it so? Of course, the dumbness gets elevated too.

4. Slow day at work

Slow day at work

Be it the case of the Mondays or Threat of the Thursdays, work is work and when it gets mundane, every minute feels like a decade. When the realization that it’s only been 3 hours since you’ve been sitting at your desk sets in, YOU SCREAM. INTERNALLY.

5. When you and your buddy have been together for far too long

When you and your buddy have been together for far too longWhen you and your buddy have been together for far too long

The coon comics says that, you just know the deepest, most intricate and pedantic details of your best friend’s life. Since puberty hit and things changed for them, you have been part of every little thing. Their drunken shenanigans, late night bad trip moments, little mishaps and happy accidents. It’s a wonderful feeling being with them.

6. When they flaunt their wings

When they flaunt their wings

Insects have always been my biggest pet peeve and I’m sure its the same for most of us. They are the silent intruders who hang around in your room and make existence uncomfortable. You can’t hide from them, while they may as they please!

7. Payday? More like ‘give me a break’ day

Payday? More like 'give me a break' day

That message that pings you about the direct deposit hitting you and the slow pain that engulfs you soon after you realize the amount of money you’d be left with after paying your debts. It’s a devastating feeling because you’ve had your eye on that black cocktail dress for months and Pooja might just be going for it. SIGH.

8. Party in my jammies

Party in my jammies

After what seemed like a never-ending day filled with office politics, classroom gossip, Uber pools and the incessant urge to escape from this world, you just want to fill your glass up to the brim with wine, sit back and relax and chill with yourself with some good Netflix on.

P.S: With due respect to the creator of Coon comics, I take no credit for their work.

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