Crazy Spa Treatments Around The World


Getting a spa treatment sounds fun and relaxing for most of us. Right? But what if you experience some weird things happening to you in the name of getting a unique spa treatment. I am not saying that those are actually weird since opinions are never the same. One might find them interesting while others might not. Whatsoever the case might be, these are some of the crazy spa treatments around the world.

Here are some of the unique and crazy spa treatments around the world!

1. Fish Pedicure

Fish pedicure

At number 1 in the list of crazy spa treatments around the world is a fish pedicure. This is a famous spa treatment that is practiced in most of the Asian countries. You are given a pedicure in a tub full of doctor fish. Yes, fish is what goes on rolling on your skin to give you a pedicure. It is said that these tiny little creatures eat off the dead skin of the person who is engaged in this treatment. As per the records, this is a very ticklish activity. Some find it fun while others describe this as ants crawling on them. This very popular treatment is not favored by the health advisors. As they feel that the fish are made to starve before so that they can later feed upon human’s dead skin.

2. Beer Bath

beer bath

This spa treatment is definitely famous and absolutely loved by alcohol lovers, particularly beer. One of the crazy spa treatments around the world, beer bath is offered by many countries like Australia, Germany. What you experience here is a unique technique of rejuvenating yourselves. A beer bath is prepared for you to dip in. It is believed that it will detoxify your body, as well as exfoliate your skin. All you need to go is enjoy bathing in a beer tub and let the beer soak in right to give you a glowing, natural skin later.

3. Bull Sperm Hair Treatment

Bull Sperm Hair Treatment

The list of crazy spa treatments around the world also features bull sperm hair treatment. This treatment is a heaven for those wanting natural, beautiful, long and black hair. All you need to do is book an appointment in Hari’s salon in London. Rest everything will be taken care of. Actually, this salon prepared a hair mask that contains bull sperms in it. This bull semen is collected from sperm banks that collect them for interbreeding process. So, there is nothing to worry about. Only you need to get accustomed to the idea that bulls semen will be there on your hair.

4. Bird Poop Facial

Bird Poop Facial

This bird poop facial is found in Japan where a mask is prepared from the dried poop of a bird named Japanese bush warbler, a nightingale. It might be good for skin but I really can’t stand the idea of applying poop to my face. They say it is dried, beaten to a pulp, sanitized with ultraviolet rays and what not. But still, it is definitely one of the crazy spa treatments around the world. This is though used and recommended by Japanese geishas and kabuki dancers who believe that this poop actually works best for their skin. So, if interested you can continue with the idea of getting this spa treatment.

5. Snake Massage

snake massage

You must be wondering if even something of this sort is even possible or not. But this is true. Lastly, crazy spa treatments around the world also include a snake massage which can be found in many Asian countries. They say that the slithering snakes are good for your skin and body (though I don’t get it, this is what is said). The places that offer this spa treatment make you lie naked on the top and then the therapist allows snakes, mostly python to roll over your body. Of course, the snakes are non-poisonous but the traumatizing thought of snakes slithering on your back is enough to haunt anyone for days.

These are some of the unique and crazy spa treatments around the world which might sound gross and icky but are definitely worth a try!

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