(Cushioning) RELATIONSHIP! Quite a known word to our generation and the interesting part is that relationship word is actually tagged by the term “It’s complicated”. Well, it depends whether the relationship is complicated or we handle our relationships is complicated.

So, say hello to your new problems which actually have risen to change your status from it’s complicated to single. Actually a serious thing to work on. Cushioning is the new low in the world of online dating. Basically cushioning means that you are committed but you are keeping a backup option to whom you flirt with. It can be in a form of messaging. And giving your whole attention to the other person. So that if in case your relationship falls, then you can easily switch on to the backup ones.


Cushioning is basically done so that after the breakup you won’t have to face the consequences of loneliness, left alone and feeling of being ignored. This basically reflects how selfish our generation is and how coward they are, the feeling of “being left alone” haunt them so much that they want the main partner too and their replacement too.


After hearing all this, now you guys have a lot of things in your mind Am I being cheated? Is someone using me as their cushions? Do they have our replacements too? Keeping such things in mind increases the thought of having replacements. So, basically problem to your solution is TRUST. I know trusting in this cruel world is quite tough but not impossible. If you have given someone that privilege who can call you with the tag of “MINE” then you can give them the chance of being trusted too. As it will only make your relationship better and less complicated.


The second solution is PATIENCE. The problem of our generation is we want the results faster that too in one’s favor which is quite impossible. As a plant also needs time and efforts too to become a tree so, what do you expect from a relationship, it will too need your time, attention, and efforts to make it strong. You can’t get positive results without efforts, this thing you should keep in mind.


The third solution is UNDERSTANDING. Understand your partner the way they want it. Always listen to them and understand their point of view. As it will give a start to a healthy communication and a bye- bye to misunderstandings.

The fourth solution is never let down the SPARKLE of your relationship. As this factor only make your relationship interesting and a different one.


Earlier fairy-tales exist, now cushioning exists. So please guys, don’t make this statement true. Don’t make our generation the spoiler one, make it the remarkable one.


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